Show Christ's love to orphans

Give a vulnerable child everything loving parents would.

Spread Christ’s love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child’s life forever.

Every 18 seconds, a child becomes an orphan. Sadly, many of them are forced to the streets and trafficked.  When you give to The Boaz Project, you provide these vulnerable children with everything they need to flourish.

We offer caring people like you effective channels for your donations, skills, and prayers to help these vulnerable children. Together, we can provide our partner orphanages with the humanitarian aid, training, and everyday support these children and their caregivers desperately need.

Every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan

When you donate to The Boaz Project, you are:

Assisting Orphans


The Boaz Project’s methods of assisting orphans are strategically designed to nurture their attachment to the long-term caregivers in their orphanages and to assure them they are loved by their heavenly Father. Through our house parents and volunteers, we assist orphans by providing ongoing humanitarian aid, job training and tutoring, baby nurturing, Bible Discovery Classes, as well as birthday and Christmas gifts.


Supporting Caregivers


We come alongside those God’s called to provide the daily, hands-on care for orphans and assist them through financial support, prayer, encouragement, and training. Our trauma-informed care classes help these caregivers deal with the behaviors and challenges that often come with abuse and neglect.

 Engaging People like you


Because we believe every Christ follower is called to serve orphans, we provide a wide array of channels for your finances, prayers, and time to effectively care for orphans. From inviting a speaker to your event to boarding a plane to visit children we serve, there are many ways to get involved.

Home to Stay

The house parents at Comeback took Chandana in as their own and provided everything she needed, including ample meals, a good education, the assurance that Jesus loves her, and the love of two doting parents. Now, after years of living as family, Comeback cannot imagine living without Chandana. Thanks to you, they don’t have to!

God’s More Than Enough

Have you ever wondered why we’re called The Boaz Project? We’re named after the Biblical character Boaz from the Book of Ruth…

The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

It was her smile that first drew me to her. I mean, you see that picture. How could it not?
This kid is of a lot of things: smart, determined, funny. But what catches you most is her joy.

Made In His Image

At The Boaz Project, and most importantly as followers of Jesus, we believe that ALL peoples and nations are made in the image of God and have something important and valuable to bring to the table. Our Heavenly Father is the Great Designer, a God who has so lovingly filled the earth with infinite beauties to discover—the most beautiful and most treasured being our fellow humans. Every race and culture reflects facets of who He is, all perfectly created and loved beyond measure.

The Actual Best Place On Earth

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? There are a lot of varied and fascinating places, but I think Mary of Bethany discovered the absolute best place on earth.

Creative Ways to Care for Orphans: A Cheerful Giver

Throughout the Bible, it is abundantly clear that God can and does work in the hearts of all kinds of people to reflect Him to the world. In Jesus’ day, calling fishermen, tax collectors, women, and children to minister alongside Him was radical, yet Jesus longed for His people to understand that everyone who calls on His name has great work to do for the Kingdom.

How to Keep Children in Families

When she learned that 95% of the children living in Russia’s institutions had at least one living parent, Olya knew something had to change.

From Indian Orphan to Beloved Daughter

Shrinidhi is now in a place where she can play freely, sing loudly, and trust that she will be cared for. Most importantly, she is able to hear the truth of the Gospel daily and learn about the God who has never once forgotten her.

God’s Call to Care for Orphans

The reality is that there are still orphans who do not know how loved they are. There are still children living on the streets. There are still infants being discarded in dumpsters.
Christians must join together and fight to change the outcomes for orphans all over the world because God commands us to do so, and ultimately, this is who we are.

Celebrating Mothers of Orphans

When I speak to children about orphans, the challenge is to help them imagine life without a parent… Today, I want you to do the opposite.

Caregiver Spotlight: Joel, Vow Keeper

When Joel was growing up, his parents struggled financially and were unable to pay his school fees. Joel shares that “a good Samaritan” came into his life and supported him through primary and secondary education. He was amazed by this generosity and made a vow to God that he would dedicate his life to supporting needy children in his community.

Using Talents for Orphans

As the Covid pandemic began prohibiting international short-term trips, Alabama resident Amanda Reed began to pray, “What do I do now, Lord?” She considered her love for woodworking and interior design and asked God to let her use her hobbies and talents for God’s kingdom.

The Power of Testimony

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Christian life is being able to witness God working in and through the lives of our fellow believers. Testimonies are so powerful, as they not only motivate us to persevere in our daily lives, but point us back to the Source of all mighty and good works in this life- our one and only Heavenly Father.

Caregiver Spotlight: Morong, No Stranger to Hardship

Morong, one of our Indian house parents, is no stranger to many of the struggles the children in his care have faced in their short lives.

Orphan Care Family Devotional Available Now!

We’re excited to share with you a lesson from “God’s Heart for Orphans: A Devotional for Families,” a new opportunity for families with young children to engage in learning about how YOU can be a part of God’s plan to care for orphans!