Spread Christ's love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child's life forever.
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Spread Christ’s love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child’s life forever.

The global orphan crisis involving over 140 million children is a daunting challenge.

We help caring people like you obey Christ’s command to care for orphans by providing effective channels for your financial donations, skills, and prayers. Together, we can provide our partner orphanages with the resources, training, and everyday support these children and their caregivers desperately need.

Every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan

Equipping Leaders


You enable us to identify and train local believers as teachers, caretakers, and baby nurturers. By equipping and empowering leaders to care for orphans in their own communities, you are helping breakdown the stereotypes that plague orphans.


Trips to Visit Orphans


You have the opportunity to compliment the work of our local volunteers, teachers, and house parents. All of our trips come with a crash course in the culutre you’ll be serving in, a full curriculum and itinerary, and of course tons of time with the children!  We know you will make an impact in the lives of countless orphans and we’re sure a trip with us will change your life, too!

Holistic Orphan Care


Together with your help we can meet the physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya. From birthday gifts to training house parents, every aspect of ministry has a special purpose. You can make an impact in the life of an orphan by making a donation, coming to an event or joining us on a trip.

Core value: Family

There were no orphanages in the Garden of Eden. The foster care system wasn’t part of God’s original design. Parents didn’t die prior to the Fall. In a world before sin, children were kept and loved and nurtured.

The Best Start to Your Holiday Season

Christmas belongs to us as believers in Christ. Let’s celebrate it whole heartedly!

When God Shows Off

Expectancy doesn’t mean that I require God to move only in certain ways or accomplish certain things. It means that I have a spirit full of faith that waits on Him to see how He moves in His timing.

For your peace of mind

Here at The Boaz Project, we really value the trust you've placed in us with each donation you give. To assure you that we're doing our best to steward your gifts wisely, we're members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Here's a 40 second video...

When God Sends You Home

This man had a life-changing experience that clearly made him among the most devoted of devotees. He surely would have followed Jesus anywhere! But the Lord sent him home.

When You Don’t Know What to Pray

Sometimes you may not really feel like praying. Trust me; I’ve been in this place.

What an Orphan Taught Me: Thrive Edition

Just as I gazed in wonder as Moses blossomed before my eyes, my Father delights in me as I do the things I love.

Do You Enjoy the Process?

God is more about the process than the destination.

Core value: Cultural Sensitivity

Have you ever bathed in pig poop? Believe it or not, I have.

Five Important Things The Boaz Project Taught Me

  In 2013, I embarked on my first mission trip with The Boaz Project to Bangalore, India. That trip was my very first overseas mission trip and third mission trip ever. Since then, I have gone on four other trips returning to Bangalore. My time working with Boaz has...

The Pruning

God is doing something beyond what we know!

Introducing James

He’s a sweet Indian boy who knows no stranger, whether it be person or animal. He’s seven years old and as energetic as can be.

One of God’s favorite topics

We who are among the world’s wealthiest citizens are blessed—not to live in luxury, but to give extravagantly.

What an Orphan Taught Me: Love Edition

Milana, seeing that I was once again “stuck” in the snow, led me back over to the concrete where I would be safe. This happened two or three more times before she finally said firmly in Russian, “Stay here so that you don’t fall!” She could not fathom why I would want to keep coming out into the snow when I knew I would continue to sink deeper and deeper.

She No Longer Worships Snakes

I believe firmly that creating change for children like Anaya will lead to changing communities and eventually cultures. It’s a big mission, but a vital one. Today, you have the opportunity to be a part of this ripple effect for each child The Boaz Project serves.