Spread Christ's love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child's life forever.
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Spread Christ’s love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child’s life forever.

The global orphan crisis involving over 140 million children is a daunting challenge.

We help caring people like you obey Christ’s command to care for orphans by providing effective channels for your financial donations, skills, and prayers. Together, we can provide our partner orphanages with the resources, training, and everyday support these children and their caregivers desperately need.

Every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan

Equipping Leaders


You enable us to identify and train local believers as teachers, caretakers, and baby nurturers. By equipping and empowering leaders to care for orphans in their own communities, you are helping breakdown the stereotypes that plague orphans.


Trips to Visit Orphans


You have the opportunity to compliment the work of our local volunteers, teachers, and house parents. All of our trips come with a crash course in the culutre you’ll be serving in, a full curriculum and itinerary, and of course tons of time with the children!  We know you will make an impact in the lives of countless orphans and we’re sure a trip with us will change your life, too!

Holistic Orphan Care


Together with your help we can meet the physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya. From birthday gifts to training house parents, every aspect of ministry has a special purpose. You can make an impact in the life of an orphan by making a donation, coming to an event or joining us on a trip.

Just Look at What You’ve Done!

The Covid-19 pandemic has created chaos and desperation around the globe, but your intervention through prayer and giving has brought hope to many. We thought you’d like to hear directly from our partners, so we pulled these quotes from their correspondence with us or the live streams we held. Be blessed, knowing you’ve made an impact.

Without You

“I can boldly say that without you, my children would be struggling. They would be starving.”

Meeting in Secret

For 40 days now, the village where two of our children’s homes are has been under police control due to a large number of cases of the Corona virus. If anyone is caught stepping outside of their home—even onto their own property—they can be beaten.

Meet Leeza

Like many children in Russia, Leeza is stuck in the system—unable to be adopted, yet unwanted by family.

How to Handle a Crisis: Five Tips from an Ancient Widow

Make room for a miracle.

Nastya, Your Partner in Orphan Ministry

As you know, we believe that the best way to care for orphans is to support those who care for them daily: those saints who welcome abandoned children into their homes or tirelessly go to state-run facilities to be the hands and feet of Christ to them. Your support of...

Pandemic Continues to Affect Boaz Children

While the Coronavirus ravages some communities, it is the emotional toll of separation that is toughest on children who’ve already experienced so much abandonment and neglect.

Whose Lives Matter?

Whose lives matter? The discussion is both age-old and freshly urgent.

Meet Pavitra

Following years of infidelity, Pavithra’s mother left the family to marry another man. After a year or two, her father also remarried…

A Prayer for Justice and Healing

You created a beautiful world and filled it with children you love, children you…

The Grace God Extends to You

A gospel-filled word picture is brought to life in communities around the globe as you enable house parents to demonstrate kindness to orphans.

Update from Vladimir, Russia

In case you weren’t able to attend our lives stream with Nasty, from Vladimir, Russia, I thought I’d pass along her update regarding the Corona virus and the orphanages.

What to Pray Right Now

God invites us to plead with Him for what we need. That motivates me to ask with shameless audacity!

A Lot of the News is Good!

As things are changing so rapidly during this pandemic, I wanted to give you a quick update from our homes in Russia, India, and Kenya. And I’m happy to report that a lot of the news is good!

The Difference You Make

None of the children or their caregivers in our homes has been symptomatic for Covid-19. That is not to say, however, that they have been unaffected.