Spread Christ's love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child's life forever.
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Spread Christ’s love through orphan care

Find your place in orphan care and change a child’s life forever.

The global orphan crisis involving over 140 million children is a daunting challenge.

We help caring people like you obey Christ’s command to care for orphans by providing effective channels for your financial donations, skills, and prayers. Together, we can provide our partner orphanages with the resources, training, and everyday support these children and their caregivers desperately need.

Every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan

Equipping Leaders


You enable us to identify and train local believers as teachers, caretakers, and baby nurturers. By equipping and empowering leaders to care for orphans in their own communities, you are helping breakdown the stereotypes that plague orphans.


Trips to Visit Orphans


You have the opportunity to compliment the work of our local volunteers, teachers, and house parents. All of our trips come with a crash course in the culutre you’ll be serving in, a full curriculum and itinerary, and of course tons of time with the children!  We know you will make an impact in the lives of countless orphans and we’re sure a trip with us will change your life, too!

Holistic Orphan Care


Together with your help we can meet the physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya. From birthday gifts to training house parents, every aspect of ministry has a special purpose. You can make an impact in the life of an orphan by making a donation, coming to an event or joining us on a trip.

Your Christmas Preparations

When a dignitary was coming to their city, workers would paint the grass and the leaves of the trees green so it would look especially beautiful.

Did that somehow make them feel better about the country they were ruling?

Meet James from Kenya

At first, James struggled to adjust. Being taken care of was not something he understood. But over time through the caregivers love and patience, James begin to open up and accept the care of those around him.

Another Way You Help

For many children, seeing chaos and abuse in the home starts before many can even speak. One of the unique things about complex trauma is that it often is accompanied by the feeling of being “trapped.” Children can experience this when they are witnessing others being abused and are unable to do anything to stop it. This feeling of being trapped can follow them for years and the trauma can continue to replay in their heads.

Grateful, Even When it Hurts

I confess I’m woefully slow to give thanks when I learn of a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, when I endure a strained relationship, or when finances seem dire. But isn’t this when gratitude shows itself true?

The Truth About Orphan Care

Love is beautiful and important, but those three little words that warm our hearts can’t immediately erase the effect of in-utero exposure to stress or toxins, abandonment, or years of trauma.

A Note of Thanks

Thanks to your support, these children have a family, a comfortable life in a cozy house, the opportunity to attend church, the opportunity to live and develop normally, and to relax. They have a future.

How Firm a Foundation

You not only provided a physical foundation for a home for Kenyan orphans, but also a spiritual foundation of knowing Christ. And that will last for eternity!

You Can Send Christmas Smiles!

Impoverished and separated, Maikal’s parents were unable to provide for their children. So Maikal and his brother were brought to a Boaz-sponsored children’s home. Since then, the parents have gotten back together but have not returned for the boys. While adjusting to...

When You Shouldn’t Take a Short-Term Mission Trip

I’m a big fan of short-term mission trips. In fact, I take multiple trips each year and bring others along with me to meet the children The Boaz Project serves, encourage their caregivers, and discover more of God’s heart for orphans…and the rest of us. I believe that...

Meet Those Behind the Scenes

Standing behind each child is a caregiver who works tirelessly to make each child is cared for, has food, a safe place to heal and grow, and so much more.

Meet Abraham

“Blessed is the onewho does not walk in step with theor stand in the way that sinners takeor sit in the company of mockers,but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,and who meditates on his law day and night.That person is like a tree planted by streams ofwhich...

I Want to Bring Them Home

“Don’t get me wrong, there are still moments that hold hard emotions and big questions to process through. The children’s lives are not perfect and trauma still exists. I do often joke that I will stay in the country we are visiting, but it’s because I see the love in these places. I see the healing that has taken place and continues to take place. I see God moving mightily. And I want to stay because it’s me that needs to have more of what they have. More community, more generosity, more love.”

Come, Living Water

Do you have a Ganges in your life? Something you’ve placed a lot of faith in, but actually is toxic filth? Do you have a Bethesda in your life? Something that makes a lot of promises it just can’t keep?

We’re in Kenya!

We’re in Kenya!

The Intersections of Orphan Care

If there’s ever a day that I have to stop taking trips, that will be the day that my heart completely shatters.