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Every 18 Seconds a Child Becomes an Orphan

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Equipping Leaders

You enable us to identify and train local believers as teachers, caretakers, and baby nurturers. By equipping and empowering leaders to care for orphans in their own communities, you are helping breakdown the stereotypes that plague orphans.

Holistic Orphan Care

Together with your help we can meet the physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya. From birthday gifts to training house parents, every aspect of ministry has a special purpose. You can make an impact in the life of an orphan by making a donation, coming to an event or joining us on a trip.

Trips to Visit Orphans

You have the opportunity to compliment the work of our local volunteers, teachers, and house parents. All of our trips come with a crash course in the culture you’ll be serving in, a full curriculum and itinerary, and of course tons of time with the children!  We know you will make an impact in the lives of countless orphans and we’re sure a trip with us will change your life, too!


The Boaz Project partners with Russian leaders who desire to serve children in the orphanage system through Bible Discovery classes, after school programs, job training, and humanitarian aid. In addition, some visit baby houses and hospitals where infants have been abandoned to hold and nurture them. Birthday and Christmas presents and short-term teams from the States assure these children that they have not been forgotten.


  • Orphans with birth defects caused by alcohol 10%
  • Orphans with at least one living parent 95%
  • Orphans who will go to college 2%
  • Orphans who will commit suicide 10%


Because the Indian government does not provide for its orphans, many children are left to the streets or sold to the highest bidder.

The Boaz Project partners with Indian Christians who welcome the orphaned into their homes. By helping provide necessities like food and education, the ministry encourages these house parents and enables them to take even more children in off the streets.  Instead, the children are raised in loving homes where Christ is known.


  • Percentage of the world’s orphans 17%
  • Malnourished children 47%


Through The Boaz Project, your support meets critical needs at El Shaddai Children’s Home, offering them financial assistance, house parent training, and Vacation Bible Schools.


  • Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS 47%
  • Children who are Double Orphans 15%
  • Orphans malnourished 25%

Help an Orphan Unwrap Hope

Collect donations in an Orphan Gift Bank or donate $30 to provide an orphan with an unforgettable Birthday or Christmas this year!

Visit Orphans!

Go. Serve. Love. There are lots of opportunities for you to visit orphans in 2018!