10 Days of Prayer2016_2

Day 2—Praise God for His leading of The Boaz Project

  1. Praise God that He invites and empowers us to join Him in ministry to orphans.
  2. Thank Him for the specific proof He gives of our mission in James 1:27.
  3. Ask God to use the efforts of the church in caring for orphans to demonstrate God’s love to those who do not follow Him.

Family Guide

God has special plans for the people who love Him. He tells us about these plans in the Bible. One of the things God asks His followers to do is to take care of orphans. When we obey this command, orphans know that someone loves them. But there’s more to it than that! When we obey God to care for orphans—the same way God cares for us—people who do not know God see that He is a God of love! By caring for children who do not have parents, we can show the world that God is good!