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Day 8—Pray for The Boaz Project’s next year of ministry

  1. Pray for volunteers who will travel with us to visit orphans in Russia and/or India.
  2. Lift up all of the churches, groups and volunteers that will help with our Orphan Gift Banks throughout 2016, raising money for birthday and Christmas presents for all of the orphans we serve.
  3. Continue to pray for our Russian Christian Foster Home. For the financial needs to be met and for the Lord to help the Zaozerskys as they expand their family.
  4. Ask God for continued guidance and wisdom for the ministry.

Family Guide 

It is always important to ask God to help you know what He wants you to do.  Today, please pray for the future of The Boaz Project.  Ask God to help its leaders understand the best way to help their friends in Russia and India to take care of orphans.  You can also ask God to help The Boaz Project with some big projects they are working on this year, that God will bring the people, money, and prayers needed to help them succeed.