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Day 9—Pray for the countries of Russia and India and their need to follow Christ and care for orphans.

  1. Please pray for the governments of Russia and India, especially that they would create policies with the best interest of the orphan in mind.
  2. Pray for the churches in these countries to take seriously the call to care for orphans.
  3. Ask the Lord to bless missionaries living in these countries with health, strength, and effective outreach.
  4. Implore God to have practices which are harmful to orphans banned from these societies.

Family Guide

Not everyone agrees with God that orphans are precious. Some people and even some governments think that these children are just a burden for them to have to feed. They worry that these children may grow up to do bad things. Sometimes, they even think it is ok to hurt children who have no parents. Please pray today that these people will understand the truth that all children are precious. Also pray for missionaries who live in these countries, that God would help them to teach His truth in a way that people would understand.