Sergei and YanaYour generosity has helped turn a dream into a reality!

For 15 years now, The Boaz Project management has dreamed of a day when it could be part of helping children who are currently in a state-run institution be placed into a loving, Christ-centered home.

For most of those years, it has been an impossibility because of Russian law.

But God has orchestrated a “parting of the waters,” if you will. Changes in Russian child services; a divinely-orchestrated encounter with a godly, seminary-trained couple; a weak ruble; and your compassion have come together for this desire to come to fruition.

Together, we have helped Sergei and Zhenya Zaozersky move back to Vladimir and secure an apartment large enough to take in their first foster children. They have completed foster parent training and have been matched to their first foster daughter.

Yana is just days away from being placed in the Zaozersky’s home on a permanent basis!

We celebrate with her and her new family, confident that they will provide an environment where she will grow up knowing she is loved by a mom and dad as well as a heavenly Father!

Funding for a home where more children can join this loving family is still in process.