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Dear friend of orphans:

I grew up without a father. I am able to understand what it is like. But God has given me a vision to serve children who are without parents. I do not know everything God plans, but I have a heart, I have love, and I have salvation through Christ.  I can offer these to children.

I’m writing today to ask you to help my dream of being a mother to orphans come true.

Though God gave me a vision to care for children while I was still young, I have recently seen Him orchestrating events to make the plan a reality.

When I went to seminary in Moscow, I hoped it would prepare me to minister to children…and I believe it did. But God surprised me by introducing me to Sergei. He dreamed of taking orphans in as his own children. We bonded over this vision and eventually married.

We began serving together in orphanages to see what the kids there need most. God confirmed that the most effective way to help children is to take them to your family – not only see them once a week, but to raise them in your family in an atmosphere of love.

The most important love is God’s love, but a child cannot feel God’s love if he cannot feel love from people around him, especially from his parents.

Then, through miraculous circumstances, God crossed our path with people from The Boaz Project. When they explained to Sergei and me that they partner with leaders around the globe to care for orphans in their own countries, I prayed that God would use them to help us!

Since then, they have chosen us as the house parents for their first-ever Russian Christian Foster Home. Sergei and I are eager to partner with you all to serve orphans in this capacity.

As a friend of The Boaz Project, you know that the kids in orphanages often face neglect.  You have helped bring these children hope through baby nurturing, Bible classes, job training and gifts.

Today, you can help change orphans’ lives radically by making a donation toward The Boaz Project’s home in Vladimir, Russia  where we can take these children into our family.

Now that our son is turning one, we plan to take children from the orphanage into our family. Legally speaking, they will be placed in the home on a status between what Americans know as foster care and adoption.  It will be a permanent placement, but our government will contribute to their ongoing expenses into adulthood.  That makes long-term costs for our home minimal. But we must have the square meters our government requires before we can take children from the orphanage.

So, please demonstrate kindness to orphans once again by making a generous donation today.  You can be part of uniting our family by going online to: www.boazproject.org/RCFH

With gratitude,

Zhenya Zaozersky
Prospective Foster Mother


P.S.—By making a donation today, you can assist us in taking in our first foster child this summer!