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Orphan Wish List

Show an orphan she is not forgotten.

Show an orphan he is loved.

YOU can change an orphan’s life.

Send smiles across the globe!

Agape Fellowship Home

Jireh Home
(orphans & biological children)

Photos: Nickol Teague

School Uniforms & Supplies:


As our next CYBC service project, Acton Bible Club has set a goal to raise $885 toward school supplies needed.  At a cost of $57 per child, we will be able to provide all of the children in both Agape (8 children) and Jireh (7 children) homes ALL of their necessary school supplies.  

By providing these supplies, you are giving them the gift of an entire set of textbooks and school supplies for one orphan for one year. 

Please fill out the donation form to contribute. Any amount helps!

On behalf of the children at Agape and Jireh, all of us at The Boaz Project would like to thank you for your generosity.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Long at or 317-889-7606 ext. 6003.

*Please note your child’s club is having a competition. Be sure to indicate how you want your donation designated in the comment section of the donate form.

  • Goal: school supplies for 15 Indian orphans, $885 41% 41%

former russian orphan testimonial pic“Every time The Boaz Project came to my orphanage… It was more about the love and care we got that we never got from anywhere else. Although, it was nice to get toys and socks. I always cherished my socks.”

Snezhanna, former Russian orphan