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Last updated: November 3, 2023

Thank you so much for your support of AE Home. Please enjoy Pastor Tonglen’s report below:

What do your children do that makes you proud?

They are good kids and they listen to me.

Update on Sassang

Age: 12
Strengths: He loves to draw and does very well in school.
Dreams: He wants to be a soccer player or an artist
Recent win: He recently won a school soccer match
Prayer request: For his studies and his salvation
Prayer Request
For the house parents – For Pastor Tonglen’s mom’s health. She has a kidney stone.
For the kids – For their studies and salvation
For India – Pray for a new government and for peace in Manipur
Please enjoy Pastor Tonglen’s August update below:

How have you seen God working in your home lately?

God is so loving and caring toward us always. We thank God for The Boaz Project, who has stood with us through small needs and big needs. I also thank God for my children, who  are lovely and kind. They listen and understand. These are all ways God works in our home.

Update on Samuel

Age: 19
Strengths: Playing soccer and working with electronics
Dreams: Soccer player or businessman
Prayer request: For him to pass his Hindi exam, the final exam he needs to enter university
Prayer Request
For Pastor Tonglen and his family – For my health, my mom’s health, and the safety of my family in Manipur
For the kids – For their future and their salvation
For India – For peace and for the government to fight against the ethnic and religious violence in Manipur
June 6, 2023
Hi! Thank you for your support of Agape Children’s Home and please enjoy the following update from Pastor Tonglen

What is one thing you’d like your supporters to know about your home?

We are so grateful for your support, both financially and spiritually. It means so much to us and gives us hope for the future. Please continue to pray for us.

Update on Esther

Age: 20
Strengths: She loves teaching and singing and is very creative
Dreams: She wants to be a teacher and journalist (and is currently in university for journalism)
Recent win: She made her own magazine for a university project.
Prayer request: For her to grow in her faith and to focus on her goals.
Prayer Request
For the house parents – For the safety of my family during the ongoing violence in my home state of Manipur
For the kids – For their studies, future, and salvation
For India – For the leaders to encourage peace, quality, and freedom of worship

March 8, 2023

Thank you for your faithful support of Agape Fellowship Home! Please enjoy Pastor Tonglen’s update below:

What would you like your home to be like five years from now?
I want to watch the older children grow up and become independent.

Update on James

Age: 13
Birthday: March 30
Strengths: Playing soccer, reading, and telling stories
Dreams: He wants to be a soccer player or a US Marine
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Tonglen – For my mom’s health and for a resolution to some difficulties in my life
For the children – For their health, studies, salvation, and good jobs
For India – For peace and harmony and for wisdom or the ruling party

New Headshots

December 14, 2022

Thank you so much for another year of support. Please enjoy the following update from Pastor Tonglen:

What advice would you give someone if they said they were starting a children’s home?

I would advise them to keep the home small and love them as your own. I would tell them to respect the children’s privacy. Love them as much as you can and teach them life skills to be successful adults.
Update on Sassang
Age: 11
Strengths: Sassang loves painting and drawing and is good at soccer.
Dreams: He wants to play soccer or be a businessman
Recent win: He got a medal and certificate from the school soccer team
Prayer request: He hurt his right leg playing soccer. Please pray for healing.
Prayer Request
For Pastor Tonglen and his family – On December 1, my mother fell and was unconscious for some time. Please pray for her total healing. Also pray for my health and wisdom to care for the children well.
For the kids – For their salvation, good health, and studies. Pray for the older ones to get good jobs.
For India – For religious freedom, social equality, and peace

October 28, 2022

Happy fall! Please enjoy this update from Pastor Tonglen. Thank you so much for your support!

How do you show your kids that you love them without using words?

With a big hug!

Update on John

This will be your last update on John! He has graduated with a degree in tourism and is looking for a job. We are so proud of him. Please join us in praying for John as he moves on from Boaz support.
Age: 23
Hobbies: Reading and writing
Strengths: Cleaning the house and looking after his little brothers
Dreams: John really wants to travel and make music
Prayer request: For a good job and for his spiritual growth
Below I’ve added a short video from an interview Maggie was able to do with John in India earlier this month.
Prayer Request
For Pastor Tonglen – For health and wisdom
For the kids – For their health, their salvation, and their studies
For India – For peace and harmony and for wisdom for government officials

October 25, 2022

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a bonus update with you. At the beginning of the month, we finally returned to India for the first time in three long years. It was such a huge blessing! Since we were able to visit the home that you support, I wanted to give you a brief update.

 The Agape kids have grown up so much! Taylor and Maggie spent one day with them while April and I led house parent training. They were able to get pictures and interviews, as well as play games, do a lesson, and hang out. Toward the end of the week, we all went to church with Agape and ate lunch at their home. 


For the two days that April and I were busy with training, Esther and Grace served as Maggie and Taylor’s guides. They helped them get to and from the homes they visited and interpreted for them as well. It was so special to be able to hire two young women who have grown up at Agape to do interpretation work for us. They’re truly really special kids. Thank you so much for your continued support.

September 8, 2022


How could your home be improved?
We need to update our documents and work hard to keep them current.

Update on Samuel

Age: 18
Strengths: Repairing electronic things
Hobbies: Listening to music
Dreams: He wants to be a soccer player.
Recent win: He was appointed the assistant sports secretary at his college
Prayer Request: For his salvation, studies, and health
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Tonglen and his family – For health and wisdom. And for his mother, who is not well.
For the children – For their salvation, studies, and health
For India – For peace and harmony

I hope you’re having a great summer so far. Please find Pastor Tonglen’s update below:

If you could relive one day from the past at your children’s home, which day would it be and why?
Pastor Tonglen misses the days when his children were small. They spent a lot of time playing in the rain and mud and with water balloons.

Update on Jonathan

Strengths: Jonathan is helpful and obedient.
Dreams: He wants to play professional soccer.
Recent win: He moved up from B-division soccer to A-division
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Tonglen – For his health and safety and for wisdom
For the children – For their salvation, their studies, and their future
For India – For peace

Last updated: April 5, 2022

Happy April! I hope you’re all having a lovely spring. Thank you so much for supporting Agape Children’s Home.

When asked, “If a reporter were to interview you about your children’s home, what would you want to be sure they wrote about?” Pastor Tonglen replied:
I would love them to write about what inspired me to start the children’s home [my own difficult upbringing], how the children were when they first came to our home, and how they’ve grown. Many are married and settled into family life. John has his [hospitality and tourism] degree and is looking for a good job. Abigail is about to graduate with her business degree. The other children are working hard in school. I am very proud of them.

Update on Jonathan

Age: 22
Most recent win: Jonathan finished his first semester of university.
Strengths: Jonathan is great at listening and helping out
Prayer: For his salvation and education
Prayer requests
For Pastor Tonglen – For good health, wisdom, and his mother’s health
For the children – To be wise in choosing their friends, for their salvation, and their studies
For India – For peace and harmony among the people and wisdom for the government

Last Updated: February 2, 2022

It’s a new year and you continue to be so faithful in your support! Thank you! Please see Pastor’s Tonglen’s update below:

Can you tell us about a specific challenge you saw God overcome for your home?
As the 3rd wave of COVID hit India, many of their neighbors got sick. By God’s grace, they have all stayed healthy.
Update on Esther
Age: 19
Hobbies: Listening to music
Talents: Nail art
Dreams: To be a journalist
Most recent win: She recently completed her first semester of journalism school
Prayer request: For her studies, her health, and her salvation
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Tonglen – For health, strength, and wisdom
For the kids – For their studies, especially for the youngest ones who are really struggling to be interested in online learning
For India – For the ongoing state elections