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Last updated: January 23, 2023


January 23, 2023

Today, on Christmas Eve, we gathered for our first meeting! Despite the frost minus 26 degrees, 25 children came. They were greeted by a cheerful snowman. In the beginning of the interactive performance “In search of Christmas”, the kids played a little and even danced. Together with the fairy princess, the children learned what Christmas is, where this holiday originates from. During the performance, everyone decorated a Christmas tree together, “made some pizza” from flannel ingredients, guessed riddles and of course received prizes! And everyone also had the opportunity to make a New Year’s toy and get a balloon figurine. While the kids were doing creative work, the moms also played a little, we had a tournament for Christmas treats. We also talked a little about the Club. And of course everyone received gifts!

Thank you so much for supporting Olya during this difficult time! Please find her report below and visit your web page for pictures!


  1. Why did you begin volunteering with the families? 


I started doing that at least for two reasons. The first reason is that I really wanted to help the kids in such families. They face a lot of neglect and all kinds of hardships. The second reason is that sometimes the family just needs help and support to prevent the kids from being placed at the orphanage. (I realized that when I met the biological mother of my adopted daughter. If she had help back then when my girl was very little the family would have been able to stay together.) 

  1. What is one interesting thing that happened this month?


We went to celebrate three birthdays for one family (the mother and five children). We did it at the cafe.  The waiters were really surprised when they saw such a crowd.  The kids were all over the place! I am very glad that there was a play room in this cafe. The kids got their presents and the mom got hers. We got her a dress. It was a lot of fun to shop together. Overall it was a good experience and the kids had a blast! 

  1. Spotlight on the Krasnikov family


This family consists of the mother and three children. The oldest son is 17, then the daughter is 11, and the young boy is 4 years old. The mother is raising them on her own. I don’t really know anything about their father or even if it was it one man or different men. The family lives in a two-room apartment. The mother and three kids live in one room and the grandparents live in another. The grandmother is very ill, she is in bed all the time. I have never seen her. 

The mother doesn’t drink but has a different problem. It is very messy and dirty in the apartment. The smell is awful. The kids were taken away and placed in the shelter in April and the mother was devastated. The conditions for the kids return were to remodel the apartment. But how can she do that when she doesn’t have the money? She asked us to help. And so we began the process.  We hired people who can help her in the cleaning process. The process was very challenging!


Then we found workers who would paint the walls and do the floor. Then we had to find a worker to do some work in the bathroom so that this family can have a place to take a shower.  

She got the kids back right before Easter. Sadly, it was obvious that the young boy had trauma while he was away. 


There is still some work to be done at the apartment but most important is that there is a lot of work that must be done in the heart of the mother. It is very messy again at the apartment.  I encourage the mother to find a church and to meet with the counselor, but I don’t see her making the steps yet. 


  1. Prayer requests:
  • Please , pray for me as I go through a grieving process since my church family no longer meets together because of a very big crisis that happened this year. It has been very difficult to sort through all my feelings and to adapt to a new reality. I am trying to be a part of a small group for now to get encouragement and help. I also talk to a counselor. 
  • Please , keep praying for my daughter that she would trust her life to God and become His follower. You can also pray for her studies. She wants to go to college.  This week she must take two exams. I want God to show His will.
  • Please , pray for the families who are interested in being a part of the church. On Sunday they attended a special meeting in the church in their area. 
  • You can also pray that the remodeling process in the apartment would be finished but the remodeling process in the heart of the mother would be continued!


  1. How can you pray for Russia? 


Honestly , it is hard for me to say. I wasn’t watching any news at all. People are adjusting to a new reality. You can pray for the church leaders, for wisdom, for integrity.

Below: apartment remodel

Last updated: March 3, 2022

Hello! Thank you so much for your support of the atrisk families program. I’m so excited to send you your first-ever atrisk families update! See Olya’s update below:

What is one thing that has surprised you since you started working with the families?
After many years of work, there is little that can surprise me. I was surprised that a mother who herself grew up in an orphanage is so caring about her children … Where does such love and affection come from in her? I am surprised at a Ukrainian emigrant who rents a room in the dorm, works hard, and raises three children on her own. At the same time, she does not drink and is not bitter at life, at God, or at people.
What is one interesting thing that has happened this month?

In January we celebrated Russian Christmas. At the meeting, we told the story of the birth of Jesus. Someone still heard it for the first time!


Family Spotlight
Shumik’s family: Mom Oksana and three children: Egor, Danil and Vika. We were able to help this family move to another apartment. We didn’t buy it, of course. But we helped a lot in the process of consultations with specialists. I am very glad that the mother herself is active in making her life and the life of her children better. Now Oksana has her own room in the dorm, which she rents out, and she herself rents a small apartment with her children. She and the children have registration now and she was able to apply for child benefits! And Yegor, the eldest son, is engaged with a tutor. What a big life change! Thank you for your participation!
Prayer Requests
For Olya – Please pray for me personally and for my daughter Alexandra. For me to have wisdom with her. For Alexandra, so that therapy and medicine will help her. And I really want her to turn to God! The situation in the family takes a lot of energy! (Note: Alexandra is adopted. Olya has had a heart for vulnerable children for a long time!)
For the families – Now is a very good time to communicate with families. We know each other better. There is trust. The problems they face are more clear. In our meetings, I tell stories about the life of Jesus Christ. Pray that there will be faith in God, that they will discover prayer for themselves, and that communication will be even more personal! There are parents who suffer from alcohol addiction. Please pray that they will recognize this addiction and seek help.
For Russia – A global question! Now for our president, for the military, and everyone who is participating in this terrible war with Ukraine. For a peaceful settlement, for protection and assistance to those who suffered!