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Last updated: February 28, 2023

February 28, 2023
Happy February! I hope you enjoy this update from Pastor Philip!

What would you like your home to be like five years from now?

We are helping children reach their dreams and would like to make it to a total of fifty children who have reached their dreams from the time we opened until five years from now.

Spotlight on Ramkumar

Age: 14
Birthday: October 8
Ramkumar’s mother ran away from the family a year or two ago. His father began to neglect the children and eventually left them with their grandmother. The situation was not good and so a church member came to Pastor Philip for help. Ramkumar was brought to the home. He is doing well and eager to learn, both at school and at church. Please pray for his family. His mother recently returned, only to leave again. He was very disappointed and couldn’t concentrate on his studies. Please pray for him to be encouraged and for his family to be healed.
Prayer Request
For Pastor Philip and Brindha – Please pray for our work in ministry and with the children
For the kids – For their studies and future
For India – For our leaders
January 30, 2023 
Thank you so much for supporting Bethel Boys’ Home. Please enjoy Pastor Philip’s update below:

What advice would you give someone who would like to start a children’s home?

This work should be taken on only if you have a strong burden and calling for it. Take Jesus as an example and be fully committed!
Spotlight on Kalaiysaran
Age: 5
Birthday: November 23
Kalaiysaran’s father died when he was an infant. His mother is very young and so her parents plan for her to remarry. Since many people in Kalaisaran’s culture are unwilling to take on the burden of stepchildren, his grandparents sent him away to make their daughter more marriageable. The Bethel family visited his village to share the Gospel and his family asked Pastor Philip to take him in. He is doing very well. Please pray for him to settle in, as he is new.
Prayer Request
For Pastor Philip and Brindha – For our relationships with God 
For the kids – For their education and their future
For India – There are many remote villages that have not heard the Gospel

New Headshots

January 27, 2023

November 9, 2022

Thank you so much for your support of Bethel! Enjoy this update from Pastor Philip!

How do you show your kids you love them without using words?

We share the love of God by our deeds.

Update on Joshua

Age: 8
Strengths: Joshua is athletic. He’s good at biking and running.
Dreams: He wants to be a professional athlete
Recent win: He memorized Bible verses and recited them during a service. 
Prayer request: For his studies and his health.
Prayer Request
For the house parents – For us to have more wisdom and patience
For the kids – For them to be a good example to those around them
For India – For the government and for Christian workers throughout India

September 8, 2022


How could your home be improved?
We could be more gentle and strategic with our children, and teach them to do the same with each other so that they will be kind neighbors and friends.

Update on Santhosh

Age: 17
Strengths: He works hard and is good at cricket
Hobbies: Santhosh loves swimming
Dreams: He wants to be a mechanical engineer
Recent win: He got good grades for his first year of “college” (11th grade)
Prayer Request: For his studies and that he will meet his goals
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Philip and his family – That they will be more committed to local ministry
For the children – That they will follow God and be good citizens
For India – For religious freedom

I hope you’re having a great summer so far. Please find Pastor Philip’s update below:

If you could relive one day from the past at your children’s home, which day would it be and why?
I would choose the Boaz team’s visit in 2018. They brought delicious food and we watched a puppet show and played fun games.

Update on Muniyaraj

Age: 19
Strengths: Muniyaraj loves to play cricket and is a great public speaker
Dreams: He is currently pursuing his dreams by studying engineering
Recent win: He passed his first year of engineering school

Prayer Requests
For Pastor Philip and his family – For our family to stand firm for God 
For the children – For their faith and studies
For India – For religious freedom and wisdom for their leaders

Last updated: May 12, 2022

Thank you so much for continuing to support Bethel! Please see Pastor Philip’s update below:

If a reporter were to interview you about your children’s home, what would you want to be sure they wrote about?
We thank God for the opportunity to serve him this way. We want our boys to grow up with a fear of the Lord, a good education, and the ability to be good citizens.

Update on Samuel

Age: 20
Strength: He loves to sing and lead worship at church
Dreams: He wants to work in the government and witness to his co-workers
Recent win: He got an 85% on his last exam
Prayer request: For his studies and that he will be able to use his talents for the Lord
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Philip and his family – For wisdom to raise the boys to walk with God and to be a good example to them
For the boys – For their relationship with God
For India – For their leaders and for the electricity shortages due to the Russia/Ukraine War

Updated March 4, 2022

Thank you so much for continuing to support Bethel! I know Pastor Philip and his family appreciate it more than you could know. Please see his update below:


Can you tell us about a specific challenge you saw God overcome for your home? 
God has protected them many, many times. One evening, they were traveling to put on a Gospel program when they were stopped by the police. They were questioned and the police wanted to arrest them for religious conversion (it is illegal to compel someone to convert). They began praying and eventually the police let them go, by the grace of God.

Spotlight on Maheshwaran

Age: 18
Strength: Maheshwaran is the sound tech at church and for all of their outreach programs. He is gifted in this area and therefore a huge help!
Dreams: He wants to be a sound engineer and to spread the gospel.
Most recent win: Maheshwaran acted in the church’s New Year’s program and everyone was impressed by his performance.
Prayer request: For his spiritual growth and his studies
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Philip and his family – For strength to stand against persecution and 
For the boys – That that will be able to concentrate on their studies and meet their goals
For India – For religious freedom