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Last updated: May 12, 2022

Thank you so much for continuing to support Bethel! Please see Pastor Philip’s update below:

If a reporter were to interview you about your children’s home, what would you want to be sure they wrote about?
We thank God for the opportunity to serve him this way. We want our boys to grow up with a fear of the Lord, a good education, and the ability to be good citizens.

Update on Samuel

Age: 20
Strength: He loves to sing and lead worship at church
Dreams: He wants to work in the government and witness to his co-workers
Recent win: He got an 85% on his last exam
Prayer request: For his studies and that he will be able to use his talents for the Lord
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Philip and his family – For wisdom to raise the boys to walk with God and to be a good example to them
For the boys – For their relationship with God
For India – For their leaders and for the electricity shortages due to the Russia/Ukraine War

Updated March 4, 2022

Thank you so much for continuing to support Bethel! I know Pastor Philip and his family appreciate it more than you could know. Please see his update below:


Can you tell us about a specific challenge you saw God overcome for your home? 
God has protected them many, many times. One evening, they were traveling to put on a Gospel program when they were stopped by the police. They were questioned and the police wanted to arrest them for religious conversion (it is illegal to compel someone to convert). They began praying and eventually the police let them go, by the grace of God.

Spotlight on Maheshwaran

Age: 18
Strength: Maheshwaran is the sound tech at church and for all of their outreach programs. He is gifted in this area and therefore a huge help!
Dreams: He wants to be a sound engineer and to spread the gospel.
Most recent win: Maheshwaran acted in the church’s New Year’s program and everyone was impressed by his performance.
Prayer request: For his spiritual growth and his studies
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Philip and his family – For strength to stand against persecution and 
For the boys – That that will be able to concentrate on their studies and meet their goals
For India – For religious freedom