Meet the Armentrouts

“After we were connected with Jim and April and introduced to the Boaz Project, RuthAnn felt a strong calling of God to go on her first short-term international missions trip with The Boaz Project in 2003. When RuthAnn returned home she wasn’t really planning on going again but felt the calling of God to go which she did two more times. . .”

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Old Russia, New Russia

I am writing this 10 days after returning from Russia. Friends, I am so pleased to be able to tell you that the Russia I pictured and feared was not the Russia I encountered. I believe after experiencing the culture, the orphanages, and much more that there has been a shift in Russia. God is up to something and we have the privilege of having a front row seat.

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Did you know…

 Bindhu and Ambika, girls with a soft smiles and bright eyes, began their life in rural India with three older sisters, their mother, and their father. Tragically, Bindhu and Ambika’s father died when they were only two and four years old.Their mother, an uneducated...

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