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We’ve seen children who once lived on the streets become happy and secure in loving homes. We’ve seen house parents shed tears of gratitude when a bill is paid. We’ve seen institutionalized infants come to life as they experience healing touch. And you, though your prayers, make it all possible.

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What an Orphan Taught Me: Mercy Edition

At this point, I didn’t know that Olya was teaching Bible classes to children who still resided in the orphanage or that she was sneaking children out to go to church with her on Sundays, but I was confident that she had become a woman of peace, an ambassador of mercy.

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Boys of Bethel Anticipate a Home

Recently, we let you know about an opportunity to provide a home for the orphans of Bethel Home in India. These boys have been sleeping on the floor of a church hall and have had no place to put even their few belongings.

You responded so generously that on our recent trip to India, we were able to tell Philip, who has been caring for these boys, that they will soon have a home of their own!

You can’t imagine the joy and dignity you have offered them!

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