When Easter is not in Retrospect

For the earliest church members, the days following the resurrection were actually a slow unfolding of a mystery. “Was He the Messiah or not?” many still wondered. They had not yet caught wind of sightings by the grave or the folded linens left behind.

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Tradition of Orphan Care

Throughout the entire Bible, we read of God’s beautiful plan of adoption. God tells us that He “will not leave us as orphans.”* Once we are in God’s family, He tells us the “religion which is pure and faultless is one that looks after the orphan.”*
So, the Bible has set the tone for caring for orphans and adoption. How have we, the Church, responded to this call?

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When God Seems Distant

As we prepare for Easter this month, you may be facing trials that dim your perspective of the resurrection. You may want to sing “He Arose,” but feel like your hope is still buried. You may wear your new dress and shoes, but feel like a facade, wondering if Jesus will show up for you.

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