It’s your anniversary!

Along the last 19 years, we’ve seen God do amazing things—He’s opened doors to countries that can be difficult to navigate. He’s undergirded caregivers as they live out their calling to care for orphans. He’s brought children to Himself and healed the pains from the abuse and neglect they’ve endured.

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It’s a plan!

Expectancy doesn’t mean that I require God to move only in certain ways or accomplish certain things. It means that I have a spirit full of faith that waits on Him to see how He moves in His timing.

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Core value: Family

There were no orphanages in the Garden of Eden. The foster care system wasn’t part of God’s original design. Parents didn’t die prior to the Fall. In a world before sin, children were kept and loved and nurtured.

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For your peace of mind

Here at The Boaz Project, we really value the trust you've placed in us with each donation you give. To assure you that we're doing our best to steward your gifts wisely, we're members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Here's a 40 second video...

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