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Last updated: May 4, 2022

Thank you so much for continuing to support Bethany Blessing Children’s Home. See Pastor James’ update below:

If a reporter were to interview you about your children’s home, what would you want to be sure they wrote about?
Raising this many children is not a normal job. We could not do it without God’s help. God has called us to care for fatherless and helpless children and He always helps us. We would also want everyone to know that the children here have hope for their future.
Spotlight on Ruthvik
Age: 8
Birthday: December 10
 Ruthvik’s father died a few years ago and his mother is living with cancer. Between the heavy cost of medical bills in a one-parent family and the burden of raising a child alone while battling cancer, Ruthvik’s mother determined she was not able to care for him. He is very cute, smart, wise beyond his years, and quiet.
Prayer Requests
For Pastor James and his family – That he will walk closely with God and follow His leading. For the whole family to be patient and wise in raising the children.
For the kids – That they will grow up to be good citizens.
For India – For everyone’s health during the hot season in southern India. It gets so hot that many people get sick. Also for the salvation of many and wisdom for the government.

Last updated: March 1, 2022

Thank you so much for continuing to support Bethany Blessing! Please find Pastor James’ support below:

Can you tell us about a specific challenge you saw God overcome for your home?
God has helped them to overcome many challenges over the last few years. The Center for Women and Children, part of the Hindu nationalist government, came and told them that they had to close their home. They begged for mercy but were ignored, but still, they continued to pray. God answered their prayer when the commissioner in the office was transferred. Since then, they have been less harsh.
Before that, their prayers had been answered by your support! They ran the home for 8 years, never knowing how they would be able to feed their children from month to month. Your faithful support has given them peace of mind.
Spotlight on Mahendra
Age: 12
Birthday: January 16
Mahendra is a sweet boy and a good student. He is obedient but deals with some anger issues. Pray for God to heal his wounded heart.
Prayer Requests
For Pastor James and his family – For wisdom and health
For the children – That they will grow in the Lord, that they will do well in school and on their exams, and that they will stay healthy
For India – The religious persecution in India is growing by the day. Politicians are encouraging fanaticism.