When I marvel at the miracle of Christmas each year, one part of the story always sticks out to me: the fact that Mary and Joseph were told repeatedly that there was, “no room in the inn.”  How could anyone look in the eyes of that travel weary couple—and Mary large as a barn with child—and say there was no room?

And then my mind typically leaps to the orphans in this world, those needing a safe place to call home.  Certainly if you or I were to look into their eyes, we would say there is room for just one more in our homes, in our hearts, in our lives.  Wouldn’t we?  Couldn’t we help just one more?

This year, Rev. Koshy has given me new perspective.  He is one of the leaders The Boaz Project comes alongside to care for orphans.  In his Daya Vihar Children’s Homes, many have received shelter, obtained an education, and been introduced to Christ.   Most, like Jyothy, bring traumatic histories with them.

The still and black of night were interrupted by screams.  Once fully awake, Jyothy and her siblings realized that a neighbor had broken into their home and was attacking their parents.  While the father struggled against the intruder, the children slipped out of the home.

By dawn, their father was dead.  Days later, their mother died from her wounds.  Jyothy and her siblings 

were orphaned over a land dispute. 


When asked to, Rev. Koshy eagerly took Jyothy into his loving home.

But since then, Rev. Koshy has had to tell children in similarly dire situations that, “there is no room in the inn.”  Government regulations regarding space and man-power have forced Rev. Koshy to refuse to take children in.  The need is urgent!

The Boaz Project inspires and equips leaders like Rev. Koshy around the globe to care for orphans in their own communities.  This approach allows us to help not one child, but MANY!  But more leaders are needed to care for the over 150 million orphans in our world today.  To identify, train and support these leaders is the critical task at hand.

This holiday season, please reflect on how you can help create “room in the inn” for those who need it most.  Please also consider giving a year-end gift which will enable The Boaz Project to continue their ministry of identifying and equipping leaders to care for orphans.

Simply fill out the enclosed card and return it to The Boaz Project in the enclosed envelope or go online to www.boazproject.org/donate.  You can choose “Special year-end gift” from the drop down menu of possible designations for your donation.

When you make a year-end gift to help The Boaz Project continue its mission to inspire and equip leaders, your name will be added to a special note of encouragement to our international partners in ministry (Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, you may).  We hope that a tangible list of brothers and sisters committed to supporting those who care for orphans will fuel their passion for ministry.

 Believing in miracles,


April Jurgensen
The Boaz Project