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Recently, I wrote a blog about the eight advantages that the Church has that no other government or organization has when it comes to solving major global issues like the orphan crisis.   What that blog did not answer, however, is how the Church can get involved in solving the orphan crisis.

Within Scripture, God makes it very clear that His children are to take care of the fatherless in our world (Deut. 14:28-30; Is. 1:17; Jas. 1:27). It is not up for debate on whether or not believers should be involved in orphan care. Rather, what every Christian needs to deliberate upon is what their role within the orphan care movement should be.

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Below are four ways (in no particular order) that you and your church can get involved:


Number One: Educate yourself and then educate others. Watch Youtube videos, read books, attend conferences, meet with people involved in orphan care. Unless you understand what the needs are and the best way to meet those needs, it will be very hard to do any of the other nine suggestions.

Here are a couple links to some good Youtube videos to watch:

Father to the Fatherless by David Platt

Tony Merida: Biblical Foundations for Orphan Care


Here are a couple books to read:

Orphan Justice By: Johnny Carr

Orphanaology By: Tony Merida

The Global Orphan Crisis By: Lynn Elliot


And, a great conference that you could consider attending is:                    

The Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit

Once you educate yourself, now you have the opportunity to educate others. Share your knowledge about the orphan crisis with a friend while on a coffee date. Let those in your church know about the needs orphans face. Pass on the books you read and sermons you listened to. Invite your small group to next year’s Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit.


Number Two: Visit an orphan. The Boaz Project visits Russia, India, and Kenya throughout the year. You could pray about going. You could set up a meeting with somebody from The Boaz Project to learn more about what a short term trip looks like. You could even organize a trip for your church to go together.


Number Three: Volunteer or apply to work for an organization that focuses on orphan care. Orphan ministries need Christians who are skilled in media, public speaking, writing, teaching, graphic design, and an array of other skills. Look for opportunities to use your talents and gifts to care for orphans.


Number Four: Find ways to help make adopted and fostered children feel welcomed as well as encourage their adoptive and fostered families. Many do not fully realize the struggle it is for a child to make the transition from orphanage or foster care into a permanent family. Sometimes this struggle can manifest itself in bad behavior, quietness, or aggressiveness.   No matter what, be there for them. Encourage your church to accept them, maybe even make accommodations if they have special needs. Send them an invitation to your child’s birthday party. Kindly greet them at church with a warm smile and a sincere, “how are you?”


Realize that adoptive and foster families can feel ostracized or misunderstood. This can often be a huge burden that can go unnoticed, especially if the child is having a difficult time adjusting. Find ways to show that you appreciate their obedience and how they are facing challenges head on. Send them kind letters in the mail. Provide meals for them. Agree to watch their children so they can go on a much needed date. Invite them to lunch and be all ears. Find ways to be a support system for them.


And remember, just as it might be difficult for the adopted or fostered child and their parents, it might also be just as difficult for their brothers and sisters. Try also to support, love, and encourage them. Help them know that they have not been overlooked.



Be on the look-out for my next post which will explain four other ways you and your church can get involved.

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