Our Christian ministry to orphans is here to show Christ’s love to scared and abandoned children.

God knew orphans would need to experience and hear about the love of Jesus. And with help from people like you, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since 1999.

We're here to serve as your bridge to orphan care.

For more than two decades, The Boaz Project has been building a community of compassionate people like you to help abandoned children in desperate need of love, care and resources.

By saving these orphans from the streets, allowing them to stay within their own culture and communities and giving them the chance to know Jesus—they’re able to grow up to become successful adults and so much more.

The true impact of a Christian ministry to orphans.

We focus on three key areas to create a lasting impact:

  • Offering Home Sponsorships: Supporting entire homes to better meet the needs of children and caregivers.
  • Supporting Caregivers: Empowering caregivers with resources, training, and emotional support.
  • Engaging People Like You: Mobilizing community members, volunteers, and donors to amplify the mission.

Rescue orphaned children who have been left with no hope of bettering their critical situations.