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Last updated: May 6, 2022

Thank you so much for your continued to support of Comeback Girls’ Home! Please find Pastor Christopher’s update below:


If a reporter were to interview you about your children’s home, what would you want to be sure they wrote about?
I would want them to know that our home is safe, loving and caring

Update on Annal

Age: 15
Strengths: Annal loves looking after the younger children and is very responsible.
Dreams: Annal wants to be a teacher and to do God’s work.
Recent win: She has been working very hard at memorizing Scripture.
Prayer request: For her 10th-grade exam results
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Christopher and his family – For guidance and strength to care well for the children. Additionally, one of the biological daughters, Hyda, is also awaiting her 10th-grade exam results. 
For the children – For their studies and good health
For India – The high price of petrol is causing a lot of difficulty 

Last updated: May 5, 2022

Hello, prayer warriors! We have an urgent prayer request. 


Pastor Christopher and Janani at Comeback Children’s Home have a newborn! A young unmarried couple brought him by this morning and asked them to take the little boy, who had been born just 3 days earlier. Due to the extreme ostracization they would face being unmarried parents, they didn’t feel like there was any way they could keep the baby. Pastor Christopher and Janani tried to talk to them, but their minds were made up and they were eager to leave. Their hearts were grieved by the separation of this family, but after prayer, Pastor Christopher and Janani knew they had to take him. 


The problem is that their children’s home is only certified to take older children. They can sidestep these rules in this case by officially adopting the little boy, but they need to do so speedily. Please pray for the following:


1. That the adoption process will go quickly and smoothly

2. That the Center for Women and Children will not have a chance to make trouble before then

3. For the baby’s health. He has been neglected.

4. For everyone as they adjust to having a baby in the home for the first time in many years!

Update March 3, 2022

Thank you so much for your continued support for Comeback Children’s Home! Please see Pastor Christopher’s update below:


Can you tell us about a specific challenge you saw God overcome for your home?
Recently, they had to renew their children’s home license with the Hindu nationalist Center for Women and Children. Everything went well! This is a huge answer to prayer.

Spotlight on Shrinidi

Age: 9
Birthday: January 15
Shrinidi’s father died when she was 4 and her mother left her with her grandmother. She married another man and has never been back to see Shrinidi since then. The Center for Women and Children stepped in at some point and sent her to Comeback. She is a shy, lonely child who struggles in school. The effects of earlier traumas are seen in many parts of her life. Please pray that she will find rest and peace in her new home and the love of her heavenly father. 
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Christopher and his family – For wisdom and strength. Also for one of their biological daughters, Helda, who tested positive for COVID and is quarantined.
For the children – For their upcoming exams 
For India – For a reversal of the increasing persecution