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Show an orphan she is not forgotten.

Show an orphan he is loved.

YOU can change an orphan’s life.

Send smiles across the globe!


Read Dima's Story

When The Boaz Project’s Bible Discovery Class teachers arrive at Dima’s orphanage each week, they know to expect him to blurt out a question before they’ve even set their bags down, “Are we going to do a craft today?”

A creative and kind boy, Dima works hard at every art project and is always the last child to finish. While he loves doing crafts, he is often very hard on himself and expects everything he does to be perfect. It’s not uncommon for him to break down in tears if his craft doesn’t turn out the way he expected.

Though his father retains legal custody of him, Dima lives in the Vladimir Children’s Home a few hours east of Moscow. His father has taken him home from the orphanage a few times in the past few years, but always brings him back. The trauma and stress that this uncertainty and instability has caused Dima has contributed to his desire to be perfect.

Dima wants to be found worthy of keeping, worthy of love. 

He dreams of what life in a real home—with a family—would look like. And though these thoughts cross his mind daily, they are never so haunting as during the holidays.

For orphans like Dima, the Christmas season can be the time of year when their loneliness is most pronounced. Instead of hoping to awaken Christmas morning to a special meal, a surprise gift, and the love of family, they wonder if anyone even notices that they exist.

That’s why the gift and Gospel presentation you send at Christmas means so much! It tells a child he is important, remembered, and loved unconditionally by you and God!

When you make a donation today we’ll see to it that your money provides a Christmas or birthday gift (including a gospel tract or presentation) for an orphan who would otherwise not receive any present. $30 will buy a gift for a child and get it hand-delivered to her. Smaller donations will be combined.


Together, we can assure Dima and hundreds of children like him that they are loved by their heavenly Father!

Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project

School Uniforms, School Supplies, and Birthday Gifts


Your generous donation can help Boaz caregivers provide the uniform and school supplies that will help them overcome the cycle of poverty or a birthday gift that communicates love and hope to a child. We have seen first-hand the difference these gifts can make. 

Please fill out the donation form to contribute. Any amount helps!

On behalf of the children who will receive school supplies and birthday gifts, all of us at The Boaz Project would like to thank you for your generosity!

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Long at or 317-889-7606 ext. 6003.

former russian orphan testimonial pic“Every time The Boaz Project came to my orphanage… It was more about the love and care we got that we never got from anywhere else. Although, it was nice to get toys and socks. I always cherished my socks.”

Snezhanna, former Russian orphan