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Many of our partners around the globe struggle to provide housing for the children in their care. Rent can require the home’s entire budget. Landlords can grow weary of so many children on their property.

In order to radically change orphans’ lives and reduce significant stress on their caregivers, we are endeavoring to provide much-needed, permanent housing for these vulnerable children. In many cases, this will prevent the need to move at a landlord’s whim. Since our work began in 1999, we have witnessed many times the harmful disruption which can occur when children from trauma are forced to move. Having already lost everything, a change in schools, friends, and location can really cause setbacks.

For others, this will allow us to reach more children, bringing them in from the streets or from harmful state-run institutions.

Today, we stand in awe at all God’s doing to fulfill these needs in Kenya, India, and Russia through you, His children.


For years, The Boaz Project has been assisting a boys’ home in Limuru, Kenya and looking for a way to provide for girls there, as well. Currently, there is no provision for female orphans in this village, and these vulnerable girls are forced to the streets.

In order to expand our ministry to girls and allow siblings to stay together in the same family unit, we will build a three-story building with apartment units and house parents for 48 children. Building one large structure rather than individual homes will make the best use of land, which is expensive in that region.

Admittedly, we didn’t know where the funding would come from when we decided to take on this immense need, but God has opened doors, hearts, and wallets! In nine months, He has brought in 40% of the $422,150 needed.

We hope to break ground in April and begin construction as we continue raising the remaining funds.


When we launched the Homes for Orphans campaign, two of The Boaz Project’s partner homes in India were in need of secure housing.

One of those homes was Comeback Ministries’ Home. You may remember us sending an urgent request for help with accommodations to that building in order to appease the Department of Women and Children and allow the directors of the home to keep all of the children. In response, you provided a third story to their building, a van to transport the children to school and in case of emergencies, and more.

The other home in need is House of Joy.

When their girls’ home was closed due to persecution, our house parents were instructed to release the girls to the streets. Unable to turn away the girls they had raised, they opted to take them to a different region with less persecution against Christians instead.

Having left everything behind, the directors were forced to find accommodations quickly. Unfortunately, the rent is beyond their budget and the home is so small that some of the girls are sleeping on the porch!

We’re hoping to purchase land where House of Joy can eventually have their own home. So far, we have $30,000 of the $70,000 needed for land.


While The Boaz Project continues to serve children in the government-run orphanages in Russia, we hope to increase the number of foster homes offering a Christ-centered family environment to abandoned children.

To support our existing Russian Christian foster home, we aspire to finish and furnish an apartment for them to rent for a sustainable stream of income. We also want to provide resources and training for new foster parents.

In total, our needs in Russia at the outset of the Homes for Orphans campaign came to $15,000. Only $5,000 remains.

As you can see, The Lord is merciful to orphans. He has brought in a little over 50% in cash and pledges toward these housing needs already—in just nine short months!

  • Total Need: $422,150 (updated 5/17/2021) 80.8% 80.8%
  • Total Need: $87,730 75% 75%
  • Total Need: $15,000 67% 67%

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