Provide care for more foster children 

The Project: Provide resources and care for foster families and sustain our foster home

Help the Christian communities in Vladimir and Khabarovsk, Russia provide loving foster homes as alternatives to the large, state-run institutions!
Research has proven institutionalization is damaging to a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development.In fact, for every two years in an orphanage, a child’s adult height is reduced by an inch.
You can halt these damaging effects by helping provide secure homes instead.
Your gift toward the Russia Homes campaign will assist in the  recruiting, training, encouraging, and serving of foster parents in Vladimir and Khabarovsk. This will provide more homes for children and reduce the burnout in their caregivers.
  • Current Need: $5,000 for Foster Home 0% 0%
  • Total Need: $15,000 67% 67%

Already funded elements include:

Resources for foster support group Finish construction & furnish apartment