Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Russia, India, and Kenya to have so many orphans?

Each country has different reasons for their large orphan population.

In Russia, the cause is often abandonment. In fact, 95% of the children in Russia’s orphanage system have a living parent! But these parents are unwilling or unable to care for them. Frequently, it is because the child has fetal alcohol syndrome or the mother suffers some form of addiction.

India has the highest HIV/AIDS population of any country in the world, and this is one factor in it having the largest orphan population in the world…30 million. If a child is abandoned in India, it is often because one parent died and when the other remarried, the step parent refused to care for “someone else’s child.”

Many of the children in Kenya’s orphanages are there because of HIV/AIDS or addicted parents.

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Why is your ministry called The Boaz Project?
We want all that we do for the world’s neediest children to point them to God their Father. And so, we have taken Boaz from The Book of Ruth as our role model.


An upright Jewish land owner, Boaz saw to it that his field hands left some of the crops behind in order for the widow, the orphan and the foreigner to glean. He also offered them protection from those who may do them harm.

In the case of Ruth, she was both a widow and a foreigner. Boaz provided food, water and protection for her. When she asked him why she had found favor in his sight, he answered that it was actually the Lord who was repaying her kindness she had shown her mother-in-law. He realized his crops and great wealth did not belong to him. They were actually the Lord’s to be used to bless and care for others.

Eventually, Boaz became Ruth’s “kinsman redeemer,” taking her as his bride and giving her a son—a son who was in the direct lineage of the Messiah! Boaz was a foreshadow of Christ, who would come to redeem each of us.

We, too, would like to point others to Christ by using the resources He’s generously given us to care for others as He would.

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Does Boaz do adoption placements?

We do not. In fact, adoption from the countries where we work is extremely difficult and—in some cases—impossible by law. This is why the need is so great to care for the children who’ve been “left behind” to grow up without parental care.


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How old is The Boaz Project?
The Boaz Project has been serving orphans and their caregivers since 1999.


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Can I sponsor a child through The Boaz Project?
No, we do not offer child sponsorships for two reasons:
First, we have seen some environments in which sponsored children are hazed by those who are not sponsored. Secondly, we believe it is important for attachment reasons for children to see their caregivers as able to provide their basic needs.
For these reasons, we opt for whole orphanage sponsorship.

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