P&P Feb 2015 graphic

As we enter February, we at The Boaz Project are aware of just how much we LOVE you, our prayer warriors. We may come to the office and sit at the desks, plan out strategies and hold events, but the real work is done when we are all kneeling at the throne, asking God to intervene for us. Thanks for partnering with us!

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In your prayer time this month, please remember the following:


Thank God for the way He modeled LOVE by adopting us. Calling us His children is not just a pretty word picture. It is a marvelous reality!

Express gratitude that David Mercier arrived safely in Russia and has begun settling in for his one-to-two-year stay.

Give thanks that little Priscilla at Daya Vihar in India had a successful surgery. Her hearing and brain function were spared by the eradication of infection and the creation of new eardrums. Also, praise God for those who made surgery possible through their generous giving.


Please pray for David Mercier as he tackles forming a separate business entity in Russia in order to purchase the Russian Christian Foster Home.  Pray that the details come together quickly and that the necessary permissions are granted. Pray, too, for the funding needed.

Please also remember in prayer some of our Indian partners in ministry to orphans who are suffering persecution for their faith in Christ.

Uphold before the throne some of the older orphans we help to support in both Russia and India as they will soon undergo testing to determine whether or not they can continue their education.

May you be blessed as you spend time with God on behalf of orphans.