Get Involved

You want to help orphans,

but aren’t sure how?

We get it, and we’re hoping we can guide you in discovering your role in orphan care.

Below, we’ve compiled a pretty thorough (though not exhaustive) inventory of ways you can get involved in caring for orphans. Then we broke them into categories to assist you in finding a few that could be great options for you.

Be sure and check out a few.

But don’t be afraid to use these lists to spur on your own brainstorming. If you come up with a creative way you’d like to assist The Boaz Project, just write and let us know.


Become an Orphan Advocate by completing a level (or all five!) of The Boaz Project's Orphan Advocate Training. This self-paced course gives anyone, regardless of location, the opportunity to learn about the orphan crisis and carry out simple and effective ways to combat it!

• Learn more here

You’re the life of the party! You love to be around people, and people love to be around you. Why not leverage some of that gift for good? If you’re social, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Post on social media . Follow us on Instagram , Facebook then “like,” share and comment to help increase our exposure to others who may be looking for ways to help orphans.

• Host your own event to benefit The Boaz Project. It could be an art show, a concert, or a treasure hunt. The options are limited only by your imagination.

• Gather a group of your friends for an Encounter where they can learn about the exciting things God’s doing for orphans around the globe and how they could be involved.Write us for more information.

• Join one of our events (If you’re in central Indiana, it’s worth keeping an eye on to see what’s coming up next) or write to us if you’d like us to help you replicate one of our events at your location.

• Encourage a group of friends to join you on a short-term mission trip with The Boaz Project! You’ll love having the experience together. But don’t worry if your friends decide against joining you. You’ll make new friends on any team you join!

• Make follow-up phone calls to gather feedback from folks who’ve attended a Boaz event.

You’re a practical person. You’re not afraid of a task that requires a little elbow grease. In fact, you’re pretty eager to jump in with both feet and DO something to tangibly help orphans and those who care for them. If you’re hands-on, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Help us fold Orphan Gift Banks . These boxes will be used in schools and churches to collect monies for birthday and Christmas gifts for orphans (must be located in central Indiana).

• Take a trip.Visit India or Kenya to meet orphans and encourage orphanage staff. Making a lasting difference in a child’s life can be as simple as throwing a Frisbee or giving a hug.Learn more about our short-term ministry options .

• Write thank you cards to our faithful donors (must be located in central Indiana).

• Count coin that comes in through our Orphan Gift Bank campaign (must be located in central Indiana).

• Gather and recycle metal, then donate the proceeds.

• Help create Orphan Gift Bank kits at our office (central Indiana only).

You’re a master at managing money because you love having more to give away. You know God has blessed you so you can bless others, and you are eager to do it. You’re a cheerful giver, making a difference in the world through your financial contributions. If you’re generous, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Learn about a current need in one of our children’s homes. See the current projects section here .

• Sponsor a children’s home.Your monthly donation to a home in Russia, India or Kenya can make a life-changing difference for the children living there.Email us to find out which orphanages need support.

• Support a staff member of The Boaz Project. Did you know our staff raises their own funds in order to receive a salary? Visit to learn more about our fabulous staff.

• Enable someone to go on a short-term mission trip by donating to the Sandra Jurgensen Memorial Fund here .

Give through United way of Indiana . If your place of employment uses United Way, you can designate The Boaz Project through payroll deduction. If you are interested in supporting the work of The Boaz Project this way, please contact us for details about how to do this.

• Include
The Boaz Project in your will and know that the legacy you leave behind will include helping orphans in Jesus' name.

You speak, and people listen. Some family and friends say you should have been an attorney (or maybe you are!) because you can convince folks of just about anything. It’s a gift that can multiply your own efforts because whatever you do, others are likely to follow. If you’re persuasive, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Encourage your small group to fund a specific project, like beds or school fees for one of our children’s homes (contact us to ask about current projects needing funding).

• Hold a campaign over social media to raise funds for The Boaz Project’s orphan gift banks. Let your friends know they can help make an orphan feel loved on his birthday or Christmas.

• Recruit friends to join you on a trip with The Boaz Project, bringing joy to orphans. See for more information.

• Present The Boaz Project to your church.Maybe they’d support an orphanage, invite a speaker or send a team!

• Invite friends to an Encounter Boaz event so they can be introduced to the work God is doing for orphans around the globe through The Boaz Project. You can join one of the tours at our Greenwood, IN office or we can help you hold one in your location.Contact us for more information.

• Recruit a group and manage concessions for a Colts or Indians game (or check with the sports stadiums in your hometown). Then designate The Boaz Project as the recipient for the funds raised.

You like to serve in ways that keep you out of the spotlight. You’re willing to help, but prefer to do it in ways that don’t draw any attention to yourself. If you’re behind the scenes, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Review The Boaz Project on social media, validating us as a trustworthy organization.

• Invite a speaker from The Boaz Project to speak to your church or small group about getting them involved in orphan care.

• Register your Kroger Plus card for community rewards by visiting The Boaz Project’s community rewards number is IL758. Kroger will make a donation to The Boaz Project every time you shop for groceries and swipe your card!

• Research some aspect of orphan care and writing a blog post to submit to The Boaz Project for possible publication.

• Compose a VBS curriculum suitable for use with orphans overseas.

• Help us fold newsletters . This saves the organization money so more can go to help orphans (must be located in central Indiana).

• Organize an online auction benefiting The Boaz Project! We’ll help walk you through the process. Just email us to request more information.

• Write a review on a book related to orphan care or short-term missions trips.
You work hard every day, caring for your child/children and praying they’ll grow up to be kind and helpful to others. We’ve got ideas to help you give them some practice today! If you’re a parent, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Have a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to help orphans through The Boaz Project.

• Host a birthday party for Jesus.Have guests bring a gift that will go to orphans.

• Have your child donate his or her spare change to an Orphan Gift Bank , assuring an orphan will have a gift to open on his or her birthday or on Christmas.

• Encourage your children to sell toys they no longer use in a garage sale and donate the proceeds.

I f your child has good handwriting , ask him or her to write thank you notes to our donors.

• Suggest your child donate their birthday t o help orphans…have party guests bring monetary gifts or other items which can be donated for use by orphans.
“Hustle” is your middle name. You work hard to serve your customers and give them the best possible service. You’ve built a loyal following that could serve orphans, too. If you’re a business owner, the following may be good ways for you to help orphans. But be sure to check out the other pages of ways to help, too!

• Place an Orphan Gift Bank at your point of sale and encourage customers to donate.

• Create a Buy one/Give one model similar to TOMS shoes. Pledge to donate something for every good or service sold. (contact us for ideas in your price range)

• Fund your own short-term mission trip by setting aside a portion of your business’s proceeds.

• Donate a service (design, video, insurance, services, attorney, etc.) to The Boaz Project.

• Sponsor a children’s home.Pictures of the home placed in your business can be a great conversation starter!

• Fund an employee’s short-term mission trip .

• Donate overstock.

• Express appreciation for customers by making a donation in their honor.

• Encourage customer feedback . Promise them that for every survey answered, you will feed a child, contribute $5 toward school fees, or something else of particular interest to you.

• Donate a coaching or consulting fee.

• Leverage your social media reach by sharing a post from The Boaz Project, promoting one of our events, or asking for donations. Find us on Instagram ,Facebook , and Twitter .

• Hire foster kids to give real-life skills.

• Help support one of our staff members (who must raise their own salaries) by donating a good or services to them.

• Sponsor one of our events .

• Create an event —Ask sponsors to donate space and speakers. Charge a fee for a workshop or conference related to your industry, and donate the proceeds!

• Ask customers to “round up”their total owed to the nearest dollar, five dollars, or ten dollars, depending upon the price point of your good or service, explaining that it will help an orphaned child.