P&P 02.2016

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

I John 4:10 (New International Version)

Now that it’s February, love is in the air! From conversation hearts and drugstore valentines to red glitter décor at your favorite restaurant, there’s no denying the month of love has arrived.

And though romantic love gets all the attention, we who have accepted God’s gift of eternal life have more to celebrate than anyone. Only our God loves us so lavishly that He paid the dowry for us long before we chose Him. And that bride price was steep! Only our God loves us so intimately that He has counted the hairs on our heads. Only our God paints the sky every morning and every evening, just so He can watch us marvel.

And only our God hears our every whispered prayer…and even those we dare not whisper! You see, it’s not that the Almighty is uninformed of our needs until we tell Him. He knows more than we do what our true needs are. And He knew them before we were even conceived. But our God, who loves us dearly, delights in us turning to Him. He thrills in hearing us call His name. Like a father, He savors us recognizing that we really do need Him. And so, He loves answering our prayers.

We have seen this love demonstrated again and again at The Boaz Project. God—without fail—shows up for His children.

As we reflect on matters of prayer for The Boaz Project this month, let’s both praise Him for all He’s done AND expect Him to meet every need which lingers.



The Lord has done amazing things through our faithful Boaz family in recent weeks. Thanks to your prayers and giving, we are very close to purchasing the Russian Christian Foster Home! Just $11,000 remains to be raised!

Thank God for the 10 Days of Prayer for The Boaz Project, going on now. This provides our ammunition against the evil one, our strength for each day and the wisdom to plan the future of this ministry. If you’d like to join us in concentrated prayer, daily requests and a family guide can be found at: www.boazproject.org/news


As we pray in the remaining funds necessary for the Russian Christian Foster Home, we are watching the dollar to ruble exchange rate carefully. Because the purchase of the home is such a significant sum, even a slight change in the exchange rate can result in thousands of dollars saved or needed. Please pray that God orchestrates the timing for all of the funds to come in such that we are able to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate.

Please pray that God would move in the hearts of His children, that they would fulfill James 1:27 and visit orphans by going on a short-term trip with The Boaz Project in 2016.

Thank you for your prayers, and remember…You are loved!