My group at Barskoye last Friday.

Hey guys,

You might have heard by now that the Zaozersky family has taken in their first foster child, Yana! Things for our Russian Christian Foster Home are really feeling official now. I’m so excited for them!

While back home our fundraising efforts for the foster home continue, here in Vladimir I’ve begun researching various property types.

As summer approaches we will have to take a break from orphanage ministry in Barskoye (as usual in our school-aged orphanages). We have asked to be able to go visit during the summer when the children are there. 

This summer I am hoping to spend some time recruiting more volunteers to join our orphanage ministry, as well as work on facilitating better relationships between volunteers from different churches.

That being said, I need your help to stay here in Russia. Sadly a couple of my regular supporters have had to discontinue their donations, leaving me in need of $400 per month starting right now.

Would you or you and your family pray about making a sacrifice and donating $25-50/month to The Boaz Project on my behalf?

You can do so HERE.


Thank you all so much! Check out my latest video updates on HERE.


Be well,