Be a part of an orphan’s birthday or Christmas this year!


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Throughout the year, you can help us bring smiles to orphans’ faces by giving them simple gifts on Christmas and their birthday. Items rarely available in the orphanages, like warm mittens or small cars, are combined with toothbrushes and a gospel tract to create great excitement in the orphanages and plant seeds which could last for eternity.

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Snezhanna, who grew up in an orphanage in Russia’s Far East remembered, “Every time The Boaz Project came to my orphanage… It was more about the love and care we got that we never got from anywhere else. Although, it was nice to get toys and socks. I always cherished my socks.”

All donations collected will be used to provide a Christmas or birthday gift (including a gospel tract or presentation) for an orphan who would otherwise not receive any presentOlya, who grew up in Vladimir remembers, “I always loved toys because (without The Boaz Project) I never had any in my life.”


But don’t stop there!

Your small group, church, child’s school, MOPS group, etc. could be involved bringing hope to orphans by having their own bank campaign. Of course, we welcome donations any time, but to go with our teams delivering gifts this Christmas, we’ll need it by December 20.

Please consider being a part of an orphan’s birthday or Christmas this year.

Your donation of $30 will provide a gift for an orphan, including hand-delivery. 

Smaller gifts will be combined.

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If you need any assistance in making a donation, please give us a call: +1.317.889.7606 or email

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