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Last updated: November 28, 2022

November 28, 2022

Thank you so much for your continued support of House of Joy! Enjoy Sister Christy’s update below:

How do you show your children that you love them without using words?

We are there for them in every situation.

Spotlight on Prasanna

Age: 9
Birthday: December 5
Prasanna is his parents’ third son. Their father left and their mother is not well and so she brought them to House of Joy. Please pray that they will be able to be reunited with her. Additionally, Prasanna fell while playing recently and fractured both his arms. Please pray that they will heal well!
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Joseph and Sister Christy – For wisdom and guidance
For the kids – For them to grow in their relationship with God
For India – For their rulers to know God’s love

 Thanks for loving House of Joy so well! Please find Sister Christy’s update below:

If you could relive one day from the past at your children’s home, which day would it be and why?
We loved the day when the Boaz team came to visit. It gave us great joy.

Spotlight on Govindraj

Age: 12
Govindraj’s parents died of COVID. Nobody wanted to take him and his siblings so they were brought to House of Joy. Sister Christy has tried many times to help him transition to Bethel, her brother’s nearby boys’ home, but he doesn’t want to go. Please pray for him to be able to heal from his past.
Prayer Requests
For Sister Christy and her family – For relief from stress
For the children – To settle into regular school rhythms after two years of disruption
For India – For relief from heavy taxes and bad inflation

Last updated: March 22, 2022

Thank you so much for your support of House of Joy! I hope you’re having a nice spring. See Sister Christy’s update below:


Can you tell us about a specific challenge you saw God overcome for your home?
God has provided miracles for us many times. At one point last year, during a high spot in the pandemic, several girls were not feeling well. We prayed and one week later, everyone was healthy!

Spotlight on Manju


Age: 21
Birthday: March 16
Manju’s mother brought her to House of Joy after she remarried. It is common for stepparents in India to refuse to care for their stepchildren. Manju is now in nursing school and knows Jesus as her lord and savior. Please pray for her bright future.
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Joseph and Sister Christy – For strength and good health to care well for the children
For the girls – For health and safety
For India – For religious freedom

Last updated: January 14, 2022

Thank you for your constant support! We appreciate you so much. Please find Sister Christy’s update below:

If you could guarantee anything for all of the children in your care, what would it be?
Sister Christy would like to guarantee three things for her girls:
  1. An excellent education and a good place in society
  2. Salvation and a strong faith
  3. To get them settled in a good marriages

Spotlight on Jennifer

Age: 21
Birthday: February 10
Jennifer is in nursing school. They know nothing about the location of her family. Please pray for her health, as she was ill last week
Prayer Requests
For Pastor Joseph and Sister Christy – For wisdom as they take care of the children and for their health
For the girls – For their health
For India – For all to know Christ and for wisdom for their leaders