I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!  Christmas here was AMAZING!!! It reminded me of Christmas as a child, except from a different point of view. I imagine it’s what my parents experienced on Christmas – the purposeful shopping, the strategic planning, the lack of sleep, taking a 467 pictures and 27 videos, the pure joy of watching them squeal with excitement, teaching them how to play their new games and then trying to remember that they are just children as they break all their new things. It truly was a Christmas I will never forget!

To see a video of them opening up their gifts on Christmas morning, click HERE.


Once all of the hustle and bustle of opening and playing with their Christmas gifts was over, we had a special Christmas service.  Several of the people from the community came. The home was packed!  I was able to share a message on how the Jesus’ humble birth teaches us about His love for ALL of mankind.  


This year, the part about the shepherds being Jesus’ first visitors hit me in a whole new way.  I see shepherds every day tending their flock.  It is a lonely and thankless job as it defines you as poor and uneducated.  But God CHOSE these so called “undignified” shepherds to be His Son’s first visitors!


New Years

The year 2015 was brought in with style at Daya Vihar 🙂  Even though it was pouring down rain when the clock struck midnight, we still managed to have quite the firework display around 1 in the morning.  While we waited for the rain to stop, we had a great time dancing, singing, and sharing our testimonies.  Here is a video of some of the girls doing a beautiful Candlelight dance:

Click HERE to see the video.