My dear family & friends,

As you know, we’ve taken of the project of building our first Christian foster home in Vladimir, Russia. It’s been a long journey for me and I am excited to share that we’ve had a number of churches express interest in contributing towards our $270,000 goal! Although we still have a number of churches and foundations to reach out to, the next step in this process involves me even more.


This January I will be moving back to Vladimir! When I left in the summer of 2012 I never thought I would be heading back long-term, but The Lord had other plans. The main purpose for this move will be to set up a limited liability corporation to own the foster home & property. This requires obtaining a “temporary residency permit” which can take up to a year to be granted. I’ll continue to do as much as I can with The Boaz website and social media as a remote employee. And I hope to join with one or two of our volunteer groups in our orphanages!

Last week I had an event at my church to announce the big news and give my local friends a chance to “walk through a Russian orphanage.” It was the first time I’ve ever held an event specifically for my personal support and I was blessed with the turnout! I was also so blessed to be able to share this great video from one of my friends and long-time supporters: (Check it out if you have 2 minutes).

Although we started to make a dent in my need of raising $10,000 before I head to Russia. I still need YOU to be a part of this ministry with me.

Will you send me? 

Look at this chart. Could you be one of the people/families that send me? I only need a few more.

UPDATED Will you help-




I only need $5,575 more!!

You can give online: 

Thank you so much.



P.S. if you’ve ever wanted to visit Russia (or to go back) it would be fun to host guests while I’m there 😉