Orphanage Profiles

The Boaz Project works in a total of 5 homes all located in Southern India. And thanks be to God, of the 6 locations mentioned below, all are currently sponsored.


The John’s Home

Date Boaz entered: 2008

Out of a commitment to follow God’s Word and care for His children, the John family began a foundation to provide for the care of orphans and hired a house mother to provide for the children’s day-to-day needs. At first, the children resided in an apartment next door to a prostitution ring, so The Boaz Project was instrumental in raising funds to help with the construction of a new home for them. Their current residence is on a large plot of land in a quiet, rural setting, where our donors help provide for the approximately 14 children’s physical, spiritual and educational needs.

Pastor Christopher and Janani’s Home

Date Boaz entered: 2009

In 2005, Pastor Christopher began ministering in the slums of Bangalore. He started a church and did quite a bit of evangelism. Day after day, he encountered kids on the streets when they should be in school. They were playing near a railroad track and eating refuse at the dump. They had no place to go when night fell. He could not escape thoughts about these children he saw.

By 2008, he could no longer bear the sights and began to pray that the Lord would show him what he was to do about these children.

After one week of prayer, a grandmother appeared at his door, holding an infant. She explained that her daughter, ashamed to have given birth out of wedlock, had put her baby in the dump and walked away. This grandmother found the baby and, though she was unable to care for her, she did not want her granddaughter to die in a dump. So, she asked Pastor Christopher to help. He took this as a direct answer to prayer, a sign of what he was to do.

Pastor Christopher and his wife, Janani, agreed to take baby Epsibah into their home and raise her. She is still with them today.

As often happens in India, word spread that the Christian man had taken in an orphaned girl. Subsequently, when children were orphaned, villagers would bring them to the Comeback Home.

Today, Pastor Christopher and his wife have 15 children from traumatic situations and two biological daughters in their home. Depending upon the Lord to provide every need, they refuse to turn away a fatherless child.

Pastor James’ Home

Date Boaz entered: 2009

Pastor James is proud papa to all 21 children who reside here.  When we first met him, he told us that he had prayed for seven years that God would send someone to aid him!  He believed we were the answer to that prayer. The children here hunger for God’s Word and are capable of reciting large portions of Scripture. They enjoy visits from Boaz teams and extend generous hospitality.

Pastor Tonglen and Glory Diana’s Home

Date Boaz entered: 2009

Pastor Tonglen and his wife, Glory Diana, come from very different parts of India and speak different native languages.  Having met at Bible College, the two discussed that they each felt God’s call to care for orphans and decided it must be His will for them to do it together.

When the couple had been married only a few days, they took in their first children, whose biological parents were drug addicts.  Quickly, many were added to their numbers.

Pastor  Tonglen and Glory Diana are good and frequent communicators, and they often express their pride in the children they consider their own. They are marvelous teachers, disciplinarians, and nurturers.

Joseph and Christy’s Home

When we first met Joseph and Christy, they were serving as house parents for a girls’ home in Tamil Nadu, India.

But the department of women and children began complaining about the home. They wanted the bathrooms improved. Then they wanted an enclosure wall. The list of demands only grew with each attempt to satisfy them.

It was difficult to believe the home wasn’t being targeted because it was run by Christians.

Eventually, the government shut the home down and ordered them to put the girls out onto the streets. The director of the orphanage consented that it was all they could do.

But Joseph and Christy could not abandon these girls they had raised as daughters. Instead, they loaded them all onto a bus and headed to another region of India where they could start over.

Thanks to generous donors, Joseph, Christy and their girls have created a new home, found a new school and worship in a new church. They are grateful to remain together!