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Last updated: March 4, 2022

I’m sorry it’s been so long! See Mr. Morong’s update below:

If you could guarantee anything for all of the children in your care, what would it be?
To grow up to be independent, wise, and respectable citizens.
What is your home’s favorite activity to do together?
The Jireh family loves to worship God together through music

Update on Abner

Abner is very clever and animated. He has a great sense of humor.
Age: 16
Strengths: He is great with computers.
Interests: Abner loves to play soccer and hang out with his friends.
Dreams: He wants to be a software engineer.
Prayer Request: Please pray for Abner as he finishes school and make decisions about his future.

Update on Jackson

Age: 16
Strengths: He loves to dance and entertain people. He is trying to increase his skill at both dance and soccer.
Dreams: Jackson cares deeply about justice and wants to be a police officer.
Most recent win: Jackson participated in a rally to raise awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco.
Prayer Request: For his family, his faith, and his future
Prayer Requests
For Mr. Morong and family – For wisdom as they seek to serve Jesus and the children
For the kids – To grow in Christ, that God will give them wisdom, for good health, and divine protection
For India – For government leaders to rule peacefully, for Christians to be strong and at peace in the midst of persecution, and for health