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God is always working ahead of us, putting into motion the answers to our prayers before we even utter them. This month, He gave us a glimpse of that.

You may remember receiving a letter from us in June, requesting temporary help with some children’s homes in India which were not yet sponsored. Your response has been astounding! Not only did you provide the quick-fix help we needed, but you also provided long-term sponsorship for four of those homes!

After receiving the good news, I went into Jim’s office to let him know friends at Resolute Logistics had stepped up to sponsor TWO Indian Children’s Homes. But while I was still in his office, we got distressing news from the house mother at Daya Vihar.

“I don’t know what to do,” Christy said, “I don’t want all my girls turned out on the streets!”

She explained to Megan, our director of India Ministries, that he department of women and children had been to the home and threatened to close it because it lacked a protective enclosure wall and some bathrooms were not in working order. They threatened to eject the 39 girls who live there.

She needed help…and fast.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to realize that the house mother’s prayers had already been answered! God had moved in the hearts of some of His children—on the other side of the globe—to meet that need even as she was interacting with the department of women and children.

Our friends at Resolute Logistics have agreed that for a short time, their funds intended for two homes will all be sent to Daya Vihar in order to attend to this urgent situation. Then, once these needs are provided, they will be able to help two homes into perpetuity.

God, indeed, is good. All the time.

With Christy

Christy with Megan


Because He delights in answering our prayers, please lift the following praises and needs before Him this month:

1) Thank God with us for the generous support garnered for Daya Vihar and three other Indian Children’s Homes this month.

2) Please continue to pray for progress as we establish the Russian Christian Foster Home. An unimaginable number of legalities complicate this undertaking, and we want to be sure each one is handled in a way that brings God glory.

3) Ask God for additional team members for our VBS team going to India in October. We have extended the application deadline to 15th in hopes of finding a few more participants.

4) Praise God that He is the Father to the Fatherless, who knows each child by name and prompts us all to care for them.