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Precious partner in prayer:

My brain was a bit foggy when I got to the office this morning. I had been up in the night, praying for a family in distress.

I have to confess that my prayers had mingled with worry, even as I was at the throne of the benevolent One who knows and controls all. While I pleaded for God to intervene in a desperate situation, a portion of my brain still wrestled through the what-if scenarios of my imagination.

Not only that, but I fought the urge to “do something,” too. Crazy, isn’t it? I’ve been given access to the creator of the universe, the One who has defied death. But somehow, a piece of me thinks I need to do something on my own strength, as if I could make an impact in life’s most dire situations apart from prayer. Shame on me!

So, having wrestled with God and even more with myself, I stumbled, droopy-eyed, to my desk.

And there, I was confronted about my frail attempts to pray.

An email I opened linked to an article about Miriam, a Nepalese woman who was uttering her daily prayers when the earthquake struck. Though her husband came to rescue her from the second-story bedroom, Miriam refused to stop praying.

A leper, she reasoned she had little to cling to on earth and a lot to look forward to in Christ. So she remained, pleading for the lives and souls of the lost around her even as she heard buildings crumble and neighbors scream. With life and death meeting abruptly all around her, Miriam remained stalwart in prayer.

With nubs for hands and virtually no feet, she didn’t rush to “do” anything. Nor did she have time to worry. Instead, Miriam devoted herself—even at the potential cost of her life—to intercessory prayer for her people.

Oh, to have faith like that!

Miriam didn’t just intellectually assent that prayer has power. She literally staked her life on it.

June 2015-prayer

With that conviction in mind, I bring to you requests on behalf of The Boaz Project.

*Praise God that, despite our distractions, He is eager to hear and answer our prayers.

*Please pray for James, who was recently brought to Agape Children’s Home, that his adjustment to a new family would go smoothly and that He would find the love of His heavenly Father there.

*Please pray for Comeback Children’s Home in Shimoga, India as they continue to need funding to complete the home they are living in. As you can see in the photo (below), it is not fit for occupancy.

June 2015 construction

*Thank the Lord for a summer intern He provided at The Boaz Project’s office to help with various media projects. Her help is a tremendous asset for us!

*Remember in prayer some of our house parents who are facing trying times. Parenting is a tough job in the best of circumstances. Parenting children from trauma requires divine insight and wisdom!

*Ask the Lord to provide the resources still needed for the Russian Christian Foster Home as we connect with churches and foundations who may help.

For the full article about Miriam, see Here.