One week until it’s take-off time!

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As I wrestle with feelings of excitement and anxiousness, I’m reminded of what I wrote in my journal during my first trip to India on June 8, 2010:

“I cannot contain these tears.  All I want is to be with them. To love them and to let them know how special they are in the Lord’s eyes. God – why can’t I stay? Why can’t I go now?  God I will give EVERYTHING to let these orphans know your love.  I will give up comfort.  I will give up my life to be your hands and feet to the fatherless. Please let me do this. God, this passion, these emotions, these tears that are streaming down my face are from you.  God, I cannot look into one of these children’s eyes and not be blessed.  Lord, I know you love them more than I ever could, but there is no way I can love them anymore. God, please SEND ME!”

Everything about this journey has had God’s fingerprints all over it.  The timing, the financial support, the prayers, the ease of getting our visas, EVERYTHING.  I realize that this next year will be hard…and hot. But I am confident that God is leading us and that He will never forsake us.

Will you please be praying for us?  Will you pray first and foremost for wisdom and for God to be glorified?  Then, will you pray for whatever the Lord lays on your heart?

To God be the Glory!