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Discover a meaningful way to volunteer with Orphan Advocate Training.

Make a real impact in the lives of children who need it most by learning how to advocate for orphans around the world.

Get actively involved in the battle against the global orphan crisis.

Orphan Advocate Training (OAT) offers self-guided courses that give you the flexibility to work at your own pace. There are minimal costs, mostly dependent upon the projects you choose to complete, and travel is not required.

During Orphan Advocate Training, you’ll:

  • Learn more about the orphan crisis
  • Discover simple, effective and unique ways to volunteer
  • Gain volunteer hours and/or certifications
  • Choose tasks best suited to your gifts and passions
  • Encourage others to get involved
If you want to make a real impact in the lives of orphans, we’d love to have you as part of The Boaz Project community!

You will make a lasting impact on orphans around the world.

Your commitment to orphans isn't just about addressing their immediate needs, but about cultivating futures filled with promise, faith, and love. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

Orphan Advocate Training Certification - Levels 1-5

Orphan Advocate Training for Families

Orphan Advocate Training for Student Groups

Orphan Advocate Training for Preschoolers

Orphan Advocate Training for Small Groups

  • Patti R. - Certification Levels 1-5
    “I am amazed by the quality of curriculum development in this program. Using a variety of teaching strategies demonstrates appreciation for many learning styles. I feel as if I am entering the life of a vulnerable child, embracing them where they are, and being Jesus to them. In many ways this curriculum could replace much of what I learned in my profession as a pediatric nurse practitioner, to bring hope and healing to vulnerable children. It is beyond the academics. It is the soul of the orphaned child. I plan to spread the news of what one can gain and give through The Boaz Project OAT program."
    Patti R. - Certification Levels 1-5
  • Karyl B. - Certification Levels 1-5
    “I have had the privilege of being a supporter of The Boaz Project from the beginning of the ministry. The OAT curriculum has greatly added to my understanding of the orphan crisis, the special needs of the orphans who The Boaz Project serves, and the underlying principles of how The Boaz Project plans and provides their care for these orphans and their caregivers. This resource has given me more confidence in being a voice for orphans and The Boaz Project. I am even more excited to share with others the passion and work of The Boaz Project.”
    Karyl B. - Certification Levels 1-5
  • Danae D. - Certification Levels 1-5
    “The Orphan Advocate Training is a wonderful, God-saturated tool that helps you to see God's heart for the orphan and provides you (the trainee) with information, insights, and resources to understand better the orphan crisis and how to make a difference right where God has placed you. Through the thoughtful, intentional, and wide range of activities throughout the OAT training, the amount of applicable information is inspiring and life-changing, not only in my own personal life but in the lives of those around me as I share what I have learned. When you commit to doing OAT, you join a community of others who encourage you, come alongside, and pray for you in your journey of making an impact for God's glory in the lives of orphans.”
    Danae D. - Certification Levels 1-5
  • Susie G. - Certification Levels 1-5
    “I recommend beginning the OAT process to anyone who might be interested. James 1 :27 has been written on my heart through this process in ways I never imagined. I now know firsthand that God's calling us to care for orphans allows the opportunity to serve the heart of God and has brought me closer to Him. I am so grateful to Him for The Boaz Project, which allows us to use the spiritual gifts God has given us to serve the kingdom.”
    Susie G. - Certification Levels 1-5
  • Mary R. - Certification Levels 1-5
    “The Boaz Project's Orphan Advocate Training is amazing. It provides a fun way to engage with The Boaz Project and orphan care ministry. I've learned so much about orphaned children, caregivers, and the best ways to support them with training, prayer, and finances. The amount of work is very manageable and your coach helps you tailor the activities to your interests, abilities, and available time. I strongly recommend joining OAT. I'm glad I did!”
    Mary R. - Certification Levels 1-5
  • Christina S. - Training for Families
    “OAT was a great first step in teaching my kids about orphans, The Boaz Project, and God's love for everyone. My kids loved the books and the Bible studies. There's something valuable in the training for people of all ages, including adults.”
    Christina S. - Training for Families
  • Sarah C. - Training for Families
    “I’m so grateful to have been able to use OAT for Families at home. The topics and activities kept my three kids engaged and it made my heart so happy to watch them grow in their desire to care for orphans around the world. Even now that we’ve finished the curriculum, they still view things through the lens of using their talents and skills to support Boaz and orphans. Thank you for such a well thought out, Christ-centered program for the entire family!”
    Sarah C. - Training for Families

Hear inspiring Orphan Advocate Training success stories directly from members of The Boaz Project staff!

Orphan Advocate Training Interest Form.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. And, if you’re ready to jump in, complete this interest form, and you’ll be assigned an OAT coach. He or she will then send you an email with your next steps very soon. Please note, submitting this form does not commit you to training if you are only asking a general question.

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