Orphan Wish List Campaign

The Orphan Wish lists provide birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and school supplies for all of the orphans in our partner homes. Birthday and Christmas gifts help communicate to a child that they are seen and loved, while school supplies enable them to attend school with dignity and break the cycle of poverty.

Here are the different methods you can use to run your own Orphan Wish list Campaign:

Option One: Envelope Campaign

This is a great option for a church, small group or Bible study who are looking for a way to care for orphans. We will provide you with envelopes to pass out to people, which include the name, gender, age, and nationality of a specific orphan in one of our partner homes. The person who receives the envelope will have the opportunity to provide one or all of the above items for that child.


Option Two: Gift Banks

We have physical banks that can be used to raise funds for the wishlist items. We will provide the banks and all related materials for you. This option is particularly effective (and fun!) with children’s groups, schools, Vacation Bible Schools, and Bible clubs.


Option Three: Peer-to-peer

Are you an avid social-media user or interested in reaching a wider audience? The peer-to-peer option may be for you. We will provide you with email, social media, and text templates for you to send out to those in your sphere of influence. If you do this option with a group, you could reach even more people and raise up more orphan advocates!


Email info@boazproject.org to request everything you need to run your own campaign!