The Orphan Crisis

If the 153 million orphans in our world today were to hold hands, they would circle the equator three times.

And every 18 seconds, one more child joins that tragic chain.

While most of us cannot even imagine so many children, their heavenly Father knows each one by name. He sees their faces; He knows their stories.

He cares deeply about their fears, talents, hopes, and dreams.

And He calls us to help them.

In an effort to serve orphans effectively, The Boaz Project:

  • Recruits and trains in-country leaders to nurture abandoned infants, teach Bible classes in orphanages and provide job training and tutoring to orphans.
  • Partners with leaders who serve orphans by contributing financial resources, ongoing training, and encouragement.
  • Raises awareness of the global orphan crisis through short-term trips, public speaking, and adoption assistance.

Where YOU Can Help

russia map

In Russia

Sprawling across two continents and 11 time zones, Russia boasts of being home to numerous Olympic athletes, celebrated composers, and literary giants. Its landscape is dotted with Russian Orthodox golden-domed cathedrals intended to catch God’s attention from heaven. Yet children are abandoned at alarming rates in Russia, leaving orphanages overcrowded and under staffed.

The Boaz Project partners with Russian leaders who desire to serve children in the orphanage system through Bible Discovery classes, after school programs, job training, and humanitarian aid. In addition, some visit baby houses and hospitals where infants have been abandoned to hold and nurture them.

Birthday and Christmas presents and short-term teams from the States assure these children that they have not been forgotten.

In India

For most people, the thought of India conjures images of bright silk saris, the scent of curry, and the sounds of busy streets.  It is a land known for its exotic blend of Asian and British influences, major world religions, and masterful architecture. But few realize this flavorful country is home to more AIDS orphans than any other country in the world.

Because the Indian government does not provide for its orphans, many children are left to the streets or sold to the highest bidder.

The Boaz Project partners with Indian Christians who welcome the orphaned into their homes. By helping provide necessities like food and education, the ministry encourages these house parents and enables them to take even more children in off the streets.  Instead, the children are raised in loving homes where Christ is known.

In Kenya

From the majestic wildlife spotted on safari to the Maasai warrior’s ancient tribal customs, Kenya’s diversity blends peril with beauty. Located on Africa’s East Coast, Kenya’s boundless wilderness and rugged, glaciated mountains cry out to the adventurer. But another cry can be heard in Kenya as well: the cry of nearly three million orphans in need.

Through The Boaz Project, your support meets critical needs at El Shaddai Children’s Home, offering them financial assistance, house parent training, and Vacation Bible Schools.