The Boaz Story

“April, did you see that thing last night on 60 Minutes?” the voice on the other end of the phone asked.

“You mean the 20/20 piece about Russian orphans?” I interrupted.

“You saw it?” came the reply.

“No,” I answered, “but this is the third phone call I’ve gotten about it.” I hoped that would be enough to deter the caller from yet more details on such a depressing topic. But it wasn’t.

She spoke of children—children too old, really, to be left in cribs—rocking back and forth, banging their heads against the rails of their beds. She told of babies dying because they couldn’t yet crawl to the bottle which had been tossed onto their mattresses. She spoke of infants lying on soiled bed linens and older children who were drugged to make warehousing them simpler.

Finally, when I hung up the phone that day, I wondered, “Lord, is that you calling?”

In the days that followed those three phone calls the Lord had braided into my memory, God began hounding me in earnest. When I spent time reading the New Testament each morning, suddenly, verses about the orphan and the fatherless started jumping out at me. “I’ve read these books of the Bible before. Why haven’t I ever noticed God’s passion for the orphan?” I wondered.

From that point on, thoughts of helpless children distracted my thoughts during the day and often prevented my sleep at night.

As only God could orchestrate, these inexplicable incidents happened while I was preparing to return to Russia for a short visit. In the days that followed, people started walking up to me, handing me money, and saying, “When you go back to Russia, can you see to it that this gets to an orphanage?”

I could not ignore that God was up to something… even when I tried.

So, I acted. I went to Wal-Mart and filled a cart with Tylenol, socks and underwear. I bought bibs and toothbrushes, deodorant and shampoo. There were so many items I had to sit on the suitcases to zip them closed. And with care packages in tow, I boarded the plane.

Before we could even get off the ground, I discovered that the family seated in the row in front of me was returning to their work in an orphanage in Moscow. This wasn’t just any orphanage, however—It was one of the orphanages 20/20 had filmed!

When I de-boarded the plane, I began asking all my Russian friends, “Do you know anyone who works in an orphanage?” Within two days, I had found connections in two orphanages that would set the direction of Boaz’s future course. I delivered the items from my suitcases and bought a cargo van’s capacity of other things the children needed: snow boots, school supplies and other such items they were not able to afford.

The stories were now alive to me. The children I met were no longer tidbits on news magazines—they were of real children with names and talents and wounds. Their cries were now audible. Their haunting eyes chilled me. All I had heard about on 20/20 I had now seen firsthand.

I knew I had to do something, but that I could not do it alone.

Within days of my return home, I found myself telling everyone I saw about the children I had met, but couldn’t stop there. Sending email blasts to friends from out of town and talking to my church’s missions committee, I felt a burden to get the word out as far as I could.

I was finally sensing that God planned something greater than two suitcases and that I owed a debt of gratitude to 20/20. But I still didn’t realize that what began out of sheer desire to obey God’s command in James 1:27 would change the course of my life. I didn’t discern that orphans would rock my theology. I hadn’t realized that these children would pierce my heart. I couldn’t have imagined that the little faces I had yet to meet would nimbly change my perspective on everything.

But I knew I could never walk away from their need, and so The Boaz Project was born.


  1. Lori Huertas

    In the Bible Boaz teaches us how to show respect to everyone, putting the need of others above their own, offering to help others in need, taking responsibility for one’s actions, being honest in all things, and being humble at all times. This beautiful orphan project does the same.

  2. Jenny Harley

    Thank you for the story. God has clearly reached down to show you how to give care for those He loves. Though the Orphan crisis is so large, there is a place where everyone can make a real difference.

  3. Zandie Brailowsky

    I have watched the Encounter @ times and every time I am amazed at how God works!. Through your obedience April, I’m finally able to act on my purpose. I praise God and thank Him for your heart.
    I would like to encourage those who haven’t watched the Encounter to do so ,It will really open your eyes to what we miss and how much we take for granted everyday.

  4. Ashley Jae

    A blessing from being obedient. May we each discern what is the will of God and be obedient so there are many streams of blessings and overflow for generations.

  5. Sarah Coin

    This story brings me to tears every time I hear or read it! Praise God for the work you do, April!

  6. Chloe kraus

    The want and passion God has given the Boaz project to help these children have a joyful life is extremely inspiring.

  7. Garden Gal

    What an amazing origin story this is! It again reminds me that God is in control and will work out everything for the good of those who love Him.

  8. Ryan Denton

    I’m very thankful that God brings so much encouragement from others’ stories of taking simple acts of faith that he can multiply into the seemingly impossible! Thanks April and Jim!

  9. Karyl Boring

    Many years ago, this amazing story of God’s call on April’s life challenged my husband and me. Through the work of The Boaz Project, we were given the opportunity and blessing of being a part of helping fulfill God’s call to care for the orphan. I never tire of hearing the story of The Boaz Project beginnings!

  10. Brandi Ford

    I’ve struggled with understanding faith. I first struggled with feeling worthy and not understanding that our God no longer accepts doings as a form of praise or glory that would make me worthy. Sacrifices such as ones told of in The Old Testaments of The Bible are not where my salvation lies. Which shows such merciful love from The Creator. After I understood this more, I struggled with feeling like my faithfulness mattered. I lacked confidence in my ability to testify to others and share God’s glory. Not only does the Boaz project fulfill homes for orphans to gain sufficient value from, but those fellow wanderers and wonderers, including myself, can put our faith to practice and share the love that we have experienced in ways that have more impact that we will ever know.
    I feel blessed that God put action on my heart and has inspired me to search for where I can help others.

  11. Mitul Patel

    It is so inspirational that you decided you could help and did just that. This growth and progress you’ve had is just amazing: you went from donating goods to now allowing so many other people to do those amazing things that you knew God was telling you to do. Thank you for also giving me this opportunity to help however I can.

  12. Patti Rubino

    I never never tire from hearing this miraculous moving of the Holy Spirit – becoming a story of miracles of which I am blessed to now be a part of!!

    Whoever reads this take an hour to find out how to minister to orphans and give them “family” from far away and sign up for an encounter!!

  13. Mary Rayburn

    A truly inspiring story of God’s persistent call and April’s obedience. A story that continues to change lives for eternity. Thank you for inviting others to join you in this ministry. My view of orphan care has changed through partnership with The Boaz Project. I’m looking forward to learning more through the Orphan Advocate Training.

  14. Svetlana

    I don’t know if I have heard this story all together, just bits and pieces. I’m so glad you chose to listen to God’s calling and that He is using you for great things! On behalf on the orphans, I think it’s safe to say they, and we, are all so incredibly grateful for your faith.

  15. moriah

    This is such an inspiring story April. Doing things that not everyone has the guts to do and taking that leap of faith is truly a work of God. I’m so glad you did what you knew was God’s plan and have changed so many orphans lives for the better.

  16. George Mongeri.

    This is a wonderful story which is so much inspiring. I realize that its God”s plan to take care of orphans.

  17. Maggie Cripe

    This story brings tears to my eyes of how involved God is in our lives and how much He wants to use us if we are willing! I’m so glad you said yes April!

  18. Jessi Morton

    I was going to say the same as many others have…I never get tired of hearing this story. It’s like a great parable, where every time I hear it something new sticks out and pierces my heart. Thanks for continuing to tell it.

    If you’ve never heard the full version of the story – you should attend an Encounter!

  19. Maia Johnson

    Thank you, April, for responding to the God-nudge and taking the leap of faith to answer His calling. I love the heart of the Boaz ministry. Many young lives have been set on a new trajectory through your team’s compassionate, Christian care. Such an inspiration- praise God!

    • Monique Treasure

      I’m so thankful April obeyed God & started the Boaz Project! Thank you for sharing this with the world so we can join in & be apart of this great organization!

  20. Lauren Mcleish

    I think it is amazing that God calls us to do his work. I also admire your courage to listen to him!

  21. Sarah Shake

    I agree with David, I never get tired of this story. Having traveled to India with the Boaz Project, I know what April means when she says, “The stories were alive to me… they were real children with names and talents.” But because of the incredible work the Boaz Project and the children’s care givers are doing, I did not see the haunting eyes and here the cries of these children. I met sparkling eyes and heard cries of joys from children that know that Jesus loves them.

  22. Darla Matthews

    The first time I heard about The Boaz Project was in 2004 (I think). April came to CCML to share about Boaz. To hear the plight of those children in Russia made me want to jump on a plane and go bring some of them home with me. I retired from my job in 2017 and was then able to begin volunteering at Boaz on a regular basis. I am so grateful for the work they do now in three countries, and so blessed to be able to serve the children God loves so much.

    • April Jurgensen

      We’re so thankful for you, your big heart, and your tireless service, Darla!

  23. Amanda Reed

    I love this story! Through continuing to engage in Boaz Project’s online meetings such as “Encounters”, and zoom with house parents, these children are becoming more and more and more close to my heart everyday, as I see their faces, hear their stories, and learn some of their names:)

    • April Jurgensen

      I love how God has knit you right into the Boaz family, despite geographic distance. We love your vision. compassion, and drive to serve orphans. <3

  24. Jill Dyer

    God certainly was persistent until April responded! Now so many orphans’ lives have been changed for eternity. May I be ready to listen and act the next time God taps me on the shoulder with a way to be His hands and feet.

    • April Jurgensen

      Yeah…I was a little slow on the uptake 🙂 But God kept hounding.

      And for the record, I think you model that readiness on many levels. You are great evidence that there are numerous ways to fight on behalf of the voiceless.

  25. David Mercier

    I never get tired of hearing this story!

    • April Jurgensen

      That’s good, because you certainly heard it numerous times! Haha

      We’re so thankful for the many years you POURED into Russia and it’s most vulnerable children.

      • Ava McGinnis

        It’s wonderful to see how God brought you to make The Boaz Project and how you took that chance and now look how far you’ve come taking care of orphans and teaching them about God and helping them in anyway you possibly can! It’s a wonderful story! ❤️

      • Barry

        What a story to celebrate! So thankful for you and your work. May the nudge God gave you toward caring for orphans and coming alongside caregivers influence an ever growing number of people to be engaged in the work (and pay attention to such nudges in their own lives).


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