Zaozersky 1Palms 68:6a: “God sets the lonely in families…”

Since the inception of The Boaz Project, its leadership has dreamed of providing an alternative to the state-run orphanage system for orphans in Russia.  In early September, the first step was taken toward that dream!

To be acquainted with the Russian orphanage system is to face despair.  The majority of the children housed within it are stunted cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally.  When they leave the system (typically around age 15), they are undereducated with few job skills and no knowledge of how to adapt and live independently in society.

While The Boaz Project will continue to minister to orphans trapped in this system, the God-designed family is the remedy to this cruel cycle of abandonment and neglect.  In a home where Christ is honored and children are loved, orphans gain the capacity to heal from past hurts, find their value, and grow into kind and responsible adults.

As you may be aware, The Boaz Project has identified parents who are suited to provide just such a home!  The Zaozerskys, a seminary-trained couple eager to minister to orphans, will be the house parents in a pilot home in the Vladimir region.

In early September, the Zaozerskys moved into an apartment in Vladimir in order to finish the process of getting approval as foster parents.  In addition, they will begin working in the orphanages to acquaint themselves with the children as well as orphanage directors and care givers.

The Boaz Project continues to raise funds toward the next phase of the home, moving into a house large enough to allow the Zaozerskys to take in more children.   

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