“Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”


I am blessed to announce that
I am moving to India in May.


Journey Thus Far

Joelle and me in India

Joelle and me in India

In May of 2010, my friend Joelle and I made our first trip to India.  About halfway through that trip, I sensed God telling me that I would be back to serve for longer than just a week. Unlike previous times in my life, I was excited to obey and began diligently praying about an opportunity to serve more permanently in India. 

In October of 2012,  the founder and director of one of our Children’s Homes gave a short-term Boaz team a challenge.  He challenged them to pray about taking a leap of faith and move to India to teach English.  I was not on that team, but Joelle was. And she accepted the challenge to pray.

Almost a year later, she was confident the Lord was answering her prayers with a resounding, “Yes. Go and love my children in India.”  Having been my roommate twice in India and on The Boaz Project’s board, she was well aware of my intention of serving in India. She contacted me and we have both committed to obediently walk through doors the Lord has and will continue to open for us to serve Him in India.

When, Where, What

Our hopeful time of departure is May 2014. We will stay for about 10 month and then return home. Depending on how far along we are on accomplishing our mission and where we sense God leading us, we will determine the following year. 

Our time in India will be split between Bangalore and Madurai.




Most of our time will be spent here. We will live at a mostly all-girls orphanage and teach English at a Christian school. This school is open for the orphaned children as well as for other children in the village and helps fund the orphanage.


Occasionally, we will travel north to Bangalore. Our time here will be spent encouraging our house parents, assisting in their ministry, and trying to find others who would be willing to partner with us.



That every orphan and Indian leader that comes across our path is loved, equipped and inspired.


To join the fight to eradicate the orphan crisis so we leave it better than when we started.


  • To equip the orphan to be fluent in English. 
  • To equip leaders to teach English.
  • To love the national leader by assisting them in their ministry.
  • To discover and equip locals to join the ministry.
  • To gather stories about the children and leaders to bring to the Church in America.
  • To create a network of encouragement for Indian leaders.
  • To raise awareness about the need orphans face in India.

Financial Need

  • $6,580 is our current upfront need.   This will purchase plane tickets, visas, insurance, and will allow us to buy necessary supplies once we arrive in India.
  • $1,290 is the projected amount we will need monthly.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray we will be granted Employment Visas. We have received all the necessary paperwork from India, and are making arrangements to complete the application and travel to the Indian Consulate in Chicago.  
  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment.
  • Please pray for Joelle and I as we communicate our plans, prepare to leave, and fundraise. 

Thank you for your encouragement, support, and partnership in bringing love and hope to orphans around the world! 


To God be the Glory,

Megan Weinhandl