October 2014 graphic

Dear Faithful One:

Sometimes I’m shocked to realize it’s already time to write another prayer update. Has another month really passed since I wrote last?

Maybe the speedy passage of time is a sign of aging. Maybe it’s an indicator of the pace at which we live these days. OK, you’re right. It’s probably both.

But taking the time to pause and reflect on all God’s been up to is a healthy discipline for me each month. It’s easy otherwise to get caught up in checking items off my to-do list and forget to breathe long enough and deeply enough to see the Lord’s provisions, to take the time to celebrate His goodness, to recognize our dependence upon Him.

This reflection also reminds me how thankful I am for each of you who, as a family bound by love for God and burdened for the orphan, intercede for us.

So, once again, I come to you and ask that you both praise and petition the Lord with us.


Please thank God along with us for answered prayers concerning Megan and Joelle’s visa extensions in order to continue their ministry in the Daya Vihar Children’s Home in India. Details appear to be coming together as needed.

We are also grateful for God’s answers to prayer concerning two girls from the Daya Vihar orphanage. Both were hospitalized in September; one was even placed on a ventilator! But thanks to God’s mercy, both girls have not only improved, but have also been released from the hospital and returned to the children’s home!

We are also celebrating Sergei and Zhenya Zaozersky’s preparedness to take in their first foster child in Vladimir, Russia. Though we are continuing to raise the funds necessary to provide a home suitable for a number of children, they have completed their foster parent training and have requested that a toddler to be placed in their family while they still live in their current apartment. It is so exciting to see God bring this dream of a loving, Christ-centered home for orphans to fruition!

We as a staff were so encouraged by those who attended the Bangalore Nights fundraiser for two of our Indian homes which are in great need of new facilities. The evening was full of chocolate, prizes, crafts, music and laughter. The ladies in attendance heard the stories of many of the children they were helping and took time from the evening to pray for them by name.


Please continue to pray for the Agape and Comeback Ministries’ Homes which need new facilities. Pray specifically for the team of ladies in Greensburg, IN who have chosen to take the Bangalore Nights event to their town in hopes of helping us reach our funding goals for the homes. Set for October 24th, the event will replicate the one in Greenwood.

Also ask the Lord to help our staff as several members are in need of personal support. Some of us will be trying some creative, new approaches to extend our networks and fundraise. Pray that many who hear of our needs will be eager to join our ministry team.

Also remember in prayer a run that will be held in Illinois over Thanksgiving weekend. It will raise money for three charities, including The Boaz Project. Monies raised will go to help with some necessities at the Daya Vihar Home. I’m sure the organizers would appreciate our prayer support.