December 2014 graphic

As you enter this Christmas season and the gift-giving frenzy, we want to recognize the gift you give us all year long through your prayers. We know that your intercession on our behalf equips, empowers, and clears the way before all the work we do. Thank you for that blessing!

Please thank God with us for the numerous opportunities we’ve had this fall to testify to how God loves the orphan and desires for us to care for them. We pray that the energies invested will yield encouragement for the church to rise up and care for the fatherless here and around the world.

Also praise Him for answering so many prayers about visa extensions for Megan and Joelle, who are spending a year in India, loving on orphans. They have both received their extensions now, and are thrilled to be able to focus their attentions on the children they went to serve.

In addition, we are thankful that Agape Children’s Home has moved into a suitable facility. You may remember that they were being kicked out of their home because the landlord decided to build a high-rise on the real estate where the home was located. While some financial needs remain, we feel certain the new property they’ve moved into is a blessing.

In terms of needs, we are asking the Lord to move in our constituents’ hearts as they receive our year-end letter. As do most ministries, we depend upon this December push to meet a large portion of our financial needs.

Please continue to pray for Sergei and Zhenya, our prospective house parents in Vladimir, Russia. Having completed their foster parent training, they are awaiting the placement of their first foster child. Ask the Lord to move through those in authority to select the right child and that the transition would be as smooth and healing as possible.

Lastly, we’d like to ask you to pray with us that the Lord would continue to bless you, our generous constituent, who makes it possible for The Boaz Project to care for orphans. May you be rewarded for enabling every bite of food given, lesson taught, and hug offered in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for your prayers. You could give us no greater gift!