At The Boaz Project, we recognize our dependence upon your prayers.  From dealing with foreign governments to helping house parents minister to orphans in trauma, our every task relies upon the Lord’s intervention.  And we believe your faithful, specific prayers on our behalf make a difference!

Please join us as we seek God’s continued blessing as we enter 2014 by giving praise and making petition for the following items.

Praise the Lord for answered prayers for:

The funding needed to reach orphans with Christ’s love.  The Boaz Project’s donors were very generous at the close of 2013, enabling us to meet our most pressing needs.

Indian visas for Megan Weinhandl and Joelle Wolowec.  These visas were a crucial and fairly tentative component of their plans to travel to India for 10 months, starting in May.  While there, the two plan to teach in a school which serves orphans, recruit volunteers to help in children’s homes, and encourage all of our Indian house parents. 

Please join us in prayer for:

Pastor Tonglen’s father, as he is in the last stages of throat cancer.  Pastor Tonglen manages the Agape Fellowship Children’s Home in Bangalore, India.  His father was also a pastor for many years.  Please ask the Lord for a smooth transition to his heavenly home and peace for his devoted family.

Sergei Zaozersky’s father, as he recovers from a terrible accident.  Sergei and his wife minister to orphans in the Vladimir region and are preparing to be house parents in The Boaz Project’s first Christian children’s home in Russia.  His father was in an automobile accident.  As he was by the side of the road, discussing the accident with the driver of the other car, the two were struck by a third car.  He was in a coma for weeks.  Of course, his family is very grateful that he is conscious, but they are aware that his road to recovery is long.

Reverend Koshi, as he seeks funding to rebuild the girls’ home which was damaged by a typhoon.  Many of the girls who reside at Daya Vihar were found in the garbage heap as infants.  This home is all they have ever known.

Megan Weinhandl, as she continues therapy following surgery for her torn Achilles tendon.  Megan is preparing to spend a year serving The Boaz Project’s homes in India, and she needs to be completely healed.


Thank you for your prayer support! Please pass this along to someone who cares for orphans.