P&P October 2015 graphic

It’s time to admit it: Now that I’m…ummm…over forty, I often have a hard time seeing to read small print. OK, OK. Any print. I don’t like admitting to this evidence of aging, nor do I enjoy trying to keep track of reading glasses.

For a long time, I lived in complete denial. But one night when my husband, Jim, and I went out to eat, we were seated in a booth, across the table from each other. While I was trying to discern what was on the menu, Jim said, “Honey? It’s bad. You’re going to have to get glasses.” It was then that I realized my arms were so outstretched across the table, menu in hand, that he couldn’t even open his!

So, I bought some glasses. I still don’t wear them if I can get by without. I work at my computer using a font size of 14 or larger just for ease. I use the long-arm method if I can get by with it. I squint. I blink. It’s ridiculous, really. But I just won’t give in.


Why don’t I just use the silly reading glasses? They are there to help me focus and could make my life so much easier. I have them. All it takes is putting them on.

This morning, as I was straining to read the news, it dawned on me: God’s Word is just like my glasses. Without it, I can hardly read current events and make any sense of them. The world is a tangled, chaotic mess. I try to see it from a distance to gain objectivity, but it rarely helps anymore.

But the Bible brings focus. Through the lens of truth, we can see that the jumbled characters written about on the front pages are not random, but were predicted long ago. I understand the motives, the grand plot and even the things yet to come.

Yet, most of us seem to fight using the Word, just as I resist my reading glasses. And I’m not sure why. Some refuse completely. Others admit we need it, but just don’t take the time to pick it up. We have it. All we need to do is read it.

This month, as we pray for the needs of The Boaz Project and others, let’s commit to doing it in light of God’s Word. May we never lose hope based on circumstances, but have eyes to see all that God has promised: a reign of justice, a new world without tears and a life everlasting for those who love the Lord!

Please lift these specific requests to our Father:

  • Thank God for an encouraging “Unto the Least of These” Ladies’ Night Out event. It was an especially great blessing to meet numerous ladies who were new to The Boaz Project.
  • Thank God that we have found an amazing property which we believe would be perfect for the Russian Christian Foster Home. It’s a large house with an ample yard located close to a bus line and in the same school district where the first foster daughter already goes to preschool! Between their low price and the favorable ruble rate, we are looking at $150,000 for the total project, when we originally predicted $275,000! Please pray that the funds are raised in time if this is what the Lord has for us and praise Him for the $55,000 donated so far.
  • Also ask God for safety, unity and effectiveness for the Boaz team heading to India October 17-27. Though it is a small team, each member is a seasoned Boaz traveler. So, we will be holding VBS in two orphanages and house parent training for all our Indian house parents! The itinerary will require a lot of logistics and stamina.
  • Ask the Lord for an event and volunteer coordinator for The Boaz Project. Admittedly, it is challenging to find employees who are willing to fund their work, but we are trusting God to provide just the right person for this position.
  • Thank God for His Word which gives clarity of focus and direction for each of us.