RCFH 3.6

Dear Friend of the Fatherless:

When I first took on the role of Director of Russian Ministries here at The Boaz Project four years ago, I was thrilled at the prospect of working on our first-ever Christian foster home in Russia.  I know it will radically change the lives of countless orphans in Vladimir.

Today you can be a part of this revolutionary ministry opportunity with us.

My desire is that this home would not only be a sanctuary for the orphaned, but would also contribute to a community of believers taking part in caring for orphans.  At the moment our volunteers only have a handful of hours each week with the children in the orphanages we’ve partnered with. The rest of the time orphans face daily hazing, as well as plenty of emotional and physical abuse. Imagine the impact a Christian family can have when pouring on love and parenting orphans 24/7!

In a society where orphans are outcasts and rarely given a second thought, this foster family will shed new light on the orphan situation among friends, their church, and their neighborhood. When more people have the opportunity to interact with orphans, stigmas will be broken and more will get involved.

The best way to revolutionize the orphan crisis in Russia is to equip more Russians to be involved in fostering, adopting, & volunteering.

God has given us a vision for overhauling orphan care in Russia.

Will you help?

Go towww.boazproject.org/RCFH


for His children,

David Mercier

Director of Russian Ministries


P.S. If everyone gave just $50 we would have enough to start the foster home!