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After two mission trips to Russia and two summers of volunteering with The Boaz Project it was proposed that I should join the staff. Baffled at the thought of not pursuing my major, teaching, not to mention the idea of raising financial support, my lips said, “I’d pray about it” while my head was thinking, “yeah right.”

10 years later I am still astounded by God’s goodness—that he has joined us together in this ministry, taking care of your needs so that you may be a part of taking care of my needs as well as the need of the countless orphans The Boaz Project serves around the world.

That’s right, this month marks 10 years with The Boaz Project and I am so grateful for you being a part of this ministry with me!

Ministry in Russia is going well. We are recruiting new volunteers for orphanage ministry, which will resume next month after the summer break. And, plans for the foster home are coming along. I’m learning so much about Russian and international law regarding property ownership it’s breaking my brain, but thankfully we don’t have to rely on me to keep everything straight. When the Zaozerskys moved to Vladimir they started going to a church where they met a gal named Dena. Dena started volunteering in one of our orphanages last year with them. It turns out she is a lawyer and she has been a great connection to have here!

My registration it set to expire next month, requiring me to leave Russia for a few days. It’s a nice coincidence that I’m forced to do some traveling around to same time as my 10th anniversary at Boaz. So, thanks to: a generous donor; a high school friend’s invitation to his home in Denmark; and the rockin’ exchange rate of the Dollar to Euro, I’m heading to Europe for a few days next month! I’m still figuring out the details; I hope to take advantage of over-night trains versus sleeping in hostels every night. Right now it looks like I’ll be able to get to a few cities in Denmark, Germany, & Austria.

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted a new video in a while, it’s true I’ve been quite lazy. I have actually had three colds and a lymph node infection this summer so there hasn’t been much fun had. I am hoping to start posting more videos soon.

Please be in prayer for:

-The foster home as we raise funds for the building and for the Zaozersky family as they grow.

-For me, it seems I’ve been a bit homesick this time around. Thankfully I have been able to video chat pretty regularly with my family and it’s getting better.

-For those preparing to come to Russia in December on our Christmas trip.

-For my financial support, that the Lord would continue calling out people to partner with us in this ministry.


Thank you so much for your love, support, encouragement, financial contributions, care packages, notes, etc. You are such a blessing to me.

Be well,