On January 15th, Paula Lopez Serano wrote the following facebook post, reminiscing about her time on one of The Boaz Project’s trips:



Two years ago God surprised me with His perfect plan. He gave me the opportunity to go to one of the most amazing places I have never seen. KENYA…

Two weeks being with those little and cute kids was enough time to realize what love really means.
I miss playing with them and learning new things about the culture. I miss singing with them. I miss doing silly things just to have fun…

If I could go back, I would tell my kids they changed my life and my thoughts. 

I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT VISITING ORPHANS, EVEN THE THINGS THAT MADE ME CRY…I wish I could go again. Maybe in a few years, don’t you think, God? Hahaha


If you would like to follow Paula’s lead and visit orphans with The Boaz Project, check out our upcoming trips.