Sprawling across two continents and 11 time zones, Russia boasts of being home to numerous Olympic athletes, celebrated composers, and literary giants. Its landscape is dotted with Russian Orthodox golden-domed cathedrals intended to catch God’s attention from heaven. Yet children are abandoned at alarming rates in Russia, leaving orphanages overcrowded and understaffed.

The Boaz Project partners with Russian leaders who desire to serve children in the state-run orphanage system. In addition, we serve families at risk of disruption, providing the services and support they need to prevent the children being removed from the home.


*In order to protect the children and house parents living in these homes, home names have been changed.



Population growth per year in the whole of Russia (2020)

Orphanage R2 is a very poor, rural institution for school-aged children in the European side of Russia. The director, hesitant to invite foreigners to the orphanage,but sees the value of the volunteers The Boaz Project has recruited from their community. By building relationships with the children at R2, the volunteers affirm the value of each child and develop a platform for sharing their faith in Christ.

The Boaz Project’s work in R2 is relatively new and is not yet funded. It needs $760 per month. Would you be willing to make a monthly financial commitment toward that deficit? When you do, you’ll receive bi-monthly updates about the home, including current prayer requests.

You can make your pledge to this home here.

Your support would bring incredible joy to the children living in R2!

In addition to the orphanages above, The Boaz Project has a ministry to families at risk of disruption by the courts. We come alongside these families with classes on Biblical principles for families, resources to address addiction or poverty, and home visits. This work prevents children from entering the large and impersonal state-run institutions.

Meeting of at risk families Russia


Child mortality in Russia (per 100)


*Orphanage R1 is the original institution The Boaz Project partnered with in 1999. This orphanage for preschoolers is known for its high standards and caring staff. The current director, like her predecessor, keeps the best interests of the approximately 30 children in mind.

Orphanage R1 welcomes the volunteers The Boaz Project has recruited in their community to interact with the children over Bible stories, crafts, and more. The humanitarian aid given improves the children’s daily lives.


The Boaz Project’s work at Orphanage R1 is completely funded.