Sprawling across two continents and 11 time zones, Russia boasts of being home to numerous Olympic athletes, celebrated composers, and literary giants. Its landscape is dotted with Russian Orthodox golden-domed cathedrals intended to catch God’s attention from heaven. Yet children are abandoned at alarming rates in Russia, leaving orphanages overcrowded and understaffed.


The Boaz Project partners with Russian leaders who desire to serve children in the orphanage system through Bible Discovery classes, after school programs, job training, and humanitarian aid. In addition, some visit baby houses and hospitals where infants have been abandoned to hold and nurture them.


Birthday and Christmas presents and short-term teams from the States assure these children that they have not been forgotten.

Child mortality (Per 100)


Population annual growth rate

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Vacation Bible School

Join a trip to encourage caregivers and orphans, and conduct Vacation Bible School in Vladimir, Russia.

You will get a crash course in Russian culture, experience many once-in-a-lifetime moments, and use your God-given gifts to encourage & love countless children!

On this trip, VBS teachers will be partnered with an interpreter of your gender to help you communicate during ministry time.

Deliver Christmas Presents

On this trip to Vladimir, Russia, you will shop for and package Christmas gifts for orphans and deliver them at Christmas celebrations which will include making crafts and sharing the gospel!

On this trip you will most likely share an interpreter with one of your American teammates to help you communicate during ministry time.

Pray For Russia

• Invite God to fan into flame a fresh movement of His church worldwide to care for orphans. May each member fulfill his or her role with passion and generosity. Start in me.

• Petition our heavenly Father to move in governments to create policies which have the best interests of children in mind. May the vulnerable never be pawns for political or financial gain, but treasured members of society.