Each Christmas, The Boaz Project brings smiles to orphans’ faces by giving them simple gifts. 

Items rarely available in the orphanages, like warm mittens or small cars, are combined with toothbrushes and a gospel tract to create great excitement in the orphanages and plant seeds which could last for eternity.

To get started, grab the mini bank we’ve included in the mailing or request one here.  Once it is assembled (with tape securing the bottom), start filling it with that change stored in the tiny drawer of your car.  A few cents left after you buy your pumpkin spice latte?  Toss it in the bank.  Dollar bills and checks are welcome, too!

In the past, friends of The Boaz Project have devised some creative ways to get others involved.  Some place the boxes on their desks at work or in prominent places at home, where they have the opportunity to tell others.

Others have placed them on the counter of their businesses or put their children in charge of soliciting donations.

Your donation of $25 will provide a gift for an orphan, including hand-delivery.  Smaller gifts will be combined.


When you get a good stash going, send it back to The Boaz Project.  Writing a check for the amount or giving online may be simpler (especially for those who live outside the Indianapolis area).  Checks can be sent to: The Boaz Project, Inc. P.O. Box 47188; Indianapolis, IN  46247.  

The money collected will be used to provide a Christmas or birthday gift (including a gospel tract or presentation) for an orphan who would otherwise not receive any present. 

But don’t stop there!  Call Cathy at The Boaz Project’s office (317) 889-7606 for information about how your small group, church, child’s school, MOPS group, etc. could be involved bringing hope to orphans by having their own bank campaign.

Of course, we welcome donations any time, but to go with our teams delivering gifts in India and Russia this Christmas, we’ll need it by Nov. 22.

Click here to request your own bank(s) OR click here to make a donation online.