Sponsor a Home

When you partner with one of our children’s homes rather than sponsoring a child, you:

  •  Reduce the likelihood of hazing between children
  •  Foster the vital attachment between orphans and their long-term caregivers
  •  Offer the community dignity, not handouts

You’ll also get to know the children and their caregivers through regular updates and even have the option of visiting them in-person.

Joy Transition Home

The Joy Transition Home invites young people who have graduated from Ukraine’s state-run orphanages into a safe and loving environment where they can learn life skills and gain independence. Because it is run by a Christian woman who once lived in an orphanage, the residents feel understood and inspired. These young men and women leave their institutions around age 15, but have never had exposure to experiences many of us take for granted, from learning to cook to opening a bank account. Often, orphanage graduates request a place in this home, where they know they are loved.

Your support makes it possible for us to help these children!

* In order to protect the children and house parents living in these homes, home names have been changed.