Staff & Board

Join a team making an effort to change children’s lives. If you’re passionate about helping orphans and want to devote your career to that purpose, please consider emailing us at The Boaz Project.


Board of Directors

The Boaz Project’s board of directors assumes legal responsibility for the organization, ensuring funds are used for its stated non-profit purpose. The members help share the mission and vision of the ministry. In addition, they supervise the directors and advises them on issues of programming and finance.
Meet The Board

April Jurgensen

Founder/Executive Director

April employs and manages believers around the globe to do the hands-on ministry to the orphans. Between trips to visit the children who’ve stolen her heart, April seizes opportunities to write and speak about them. She brings the experience and insight from more than 100 international trips to her messages.

“I hadn’t realized that these children would pierce my heart. I couldn’t have imagined that the little faces I had yet to meet would nimbly change my perspective on everything.

But I knew I could never walk away from their need, and so The Boaz Project was born.”


Jim Jurgensen

Managing Director

As managing director, Jim supervises The Boaz Project’s U.S.-based staff. In addition, he takes responsibility for operations, including finance, short-term trip logistics, and event planning.  His favorite part of his job is leading short-term teams to visit orphans in our partner homes.

As an adoptee, I love that my work at The Boaz Project gives me the opportunity to reach children who’ve known neglect and abandonment. I can connect to a degree with their stories and feel God can use that connection to touch their hearts. Probably my favorite part of my job is leading short-term teams, introducing others to the needs of orphans and how God—through The Boaz Project—is meeting them.


Jill Wickham


With great attention to detail, Jill serves The Boaz Project as bookkeeper. She handles day-to-day accounting operations for The Boaz Project, including entering gifts, generating reports, and cutting checks. She interfaces with the treasurer of our board of directors as well as our accounting firm to ensure accuracy.

For 14 years, God’s given me the opportunity to use my background in accounting to serve orphan’s around the globe. It’s so gratifying to know that the work I do from Greenwood is changing children’s lives—and even eternities—in locations across the world!


David Mercier

Director of Russia Ministries and Adoption Assistence

David serves as the director of Russian ministries and oversees the implementation of all of The Boaz Project’s work there, including selection of personnel and partners, accounting for funds, and leading some short-term teams to the country. In addition, he helps equip all of our short-term teams for ministry as well as coordinates our graphic design and social media efforts.

Working for The Boaz Project is my way of fulfilling God’s call to care for orphans. Through leading short-term teams and even living on-site for three one-year stretches, I’ve watched our work in Russia reach hundreds of children, exposing them to God’s love and providing their basic needs. I’ve also been able to help initiate our first foster home there, bringing children out of the state-run orphanages and into a loving home.


Cathy Long

Personal Assistant to the Directors

Officially titled assistant to the directors, Cathy wears many hats at The Boaz Project. In addition to assisting the directors with numerous administrative tasks, she coordinates our largest fundraising tool, orphan gift banks. She also assists with several bookkeeping tasks and has initiated the launch of a new fundraising model for the ministry.

Working at The Boaz Project has opened my eyes to the enormity of the orphan crisis.  To hear statistics such as only 1% of the world’s orphans are adoptable blows my mind.  The Boaz Project has spent almost 20 years creating methods that are tested and work to care for orphans properly,  and I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to be a part of it and to connect any and everyone to play their part, big or small.  Please join me – contact me to see how you can easily change children’s lives!


Liz Hilligoss

Stewerd of Donor Relations

Our steward of donor relations, Liz creates positive, meaningful, and personalized interactions with donors, helping them to find their role in orphan care. Following a proven model for donor relations, she introduces potential donors to the ministry, coordinates events, and manages volunteers.

“When I first learned about The Boaz Project I loved what they were doing to serve orphans and their caregivers around the world. I was excited about the mission and becoming involved. It has been a blessing to me, and I am looking forward to helping others find their place in supporting orphans.”


Michaela Shake

Director of India Ministries

In her role as the director of India ministries, Michaela oversees the implementation of all of The Boaz Project’s work there, including a selection of personnel and partners, accounting for funds, and leading some short-term teams to the country. In addition, she assists with training caregivers to assist children from trauma and helps our partners attain best practices in orphan care.

“I’m absolutely thrilled about stepping into this position. I know God has been leading me here for a long time, and cannot wait to start this journey. However, in order to do that, I will need support. Boaz is a small missions organization that is doing awesome things, but they cannot do them without your generosity.”


Taylor Pennycuff

Staff Writer

Taylor fulfills her role as a staff writer by creating quality content which conveys the mission, work, and outcomes of The Boaz Project’s ministry to orphans. This includes updates on specific projects or children’s homes, a retelling of children’s’ stories, devotionals, and social media posts. It also includes documentation of office procedures as well as policies and procedures overseas.

“I have always wanted to be involved in missions and orphan care. The Boaz Project is a sustainable, difference-making organization that allows me to do just that. The Boaz Project is different in the way they equip leaders and lead teams and I appreciate the way they care for everyone involved in the orphan crisis, from the orphan to the caregiver.”